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    front bumper

    can any of you mad car nuts tell me the make of this front bumper
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    hi Tartss and tartesss

    hope you are all well /went brandshatch this weekend will put photos to night
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    is any one gowing to brands as have been told its £30 each for two days £15 for camping /no beer/no barbeee/and no sleeping in your cars and no insured if some one f-----= it. its a joke / so streetelite are at the moment talking about what we will be dowing Would like your coments on this...
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    Why do we customise our cars?

    on the brileycoachworks open day the BBC are going to ask why we do custom mods and have modded cars what would you say.
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    Help you lot bonnet needed for 1303s

    need 1973 bonett 1302s VW beetle /can any one help must be in good nick
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    happy or wat

    Happy xmas and new year you lot have a good time from briley coachworks and the ladds:lol:
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    open day

    come on you love lot open day brileycoachworks this saturday 9.00am to 4.00 pm free tea and coffie lots of car and peps to meet all clubs welcome .come and have some fun kaos will be air brushing as well and some nice cars of all makes and sizes and colours:lol:
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    hi all

    hi all hope every body is well /Do not foget brileycoachworks open day 18 sep 9.00am to 4.00pm all welcome
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    hi tarts and tartesssss

    briley coachworks would like to invite you all to our open day /all car clubs and all peps welcome same as before tea and coffee free + burger van man
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    Come to the meet in N. Kent 18th Sept (THIS WEEKEND!)

    briley coachworks would like to invite you all to our open day /all car clubs and all peps welcome same as before tea and coffee free + burger van man Brileycoachworks Southside Goudhurst Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 2PT 01580712418...
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    Briley coachworks open day

    briley coachworks open day saturday18 september 9.00am till 4.00 pm all welcome please tell all clubs you are all welcome this for all clubs to come and show your cars this is for boys with toys come and have fun
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    need help

    whats the best sounds for my CRX i would like Very loud and good Qualty/Help
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    car show /modded

    who s at brands this sunday 28
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    want to buy honda prelude

    need honda prelude 2.2vtec can be abit tatteeeeeee ring briley coachworks 01580 712418
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    how much would you pay

    how much would you pay for a raffle ticket for complete repaint on your car. in any standed car colour/or custom paint??????????????
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    photos brileycoachworks

    Posted up some pics from ModdedSE last week.
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    what if

    what if you could do anything to your car ? what would you do/what colour,what eng/what trim/what art work.come on give me some Vibbbbes Lads and lasses:lol:
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    car show

    paddok wood car show hope farm sunday8 march Modded UK
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    have you seen

    Have you seen the black baron any were havelost him some were
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    who will come

    will be having an open day at my work shop and would like you all to come but need some idea how many would come /will be end feb some time. who would come /on 28 feb all day