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  1. one in a million

    Hello Everyone!!

  2. one in a million

    I think I want a Mini!

    the old school mini's are the best, i noticed one on autotrader, for about 2 grand which is cheap especially as its a 1998 model, had all the paint work done and everything, i would love to own one if i could afford two insurances, but i need to stick to something practicle for now lol
  3. one in a million

    Hiya petrolheads !

    hello mate
  4. one in a million

    Wheel spacers

    ok thanks people, i would buy some good ones, i seen a pair for 90 pound with the bolts. so i look in to that. :)
  5. one in a million

    Why do people drive so slowly in rain

    strange because i find in kent, people seem to drive faster when it rains, and i know it sounds silly but i have seen it many occassions, unless im the one doing 30mph lol
  6. one in a million

    Tuning tips: Petrol, octane and additive tips

    on my clio 182, when i open the petrol cap, theres a little green sticker with "97", does it mean i should run it on optimun 97, i did run it on 95 for a month, and for the last 2 months now since i have owned it its run on optimun. what do you suggest
  7. one in a million

    Wheel spacers

    i would like to buy some wheel spacers on my clio, i want the tyres, to be flush with the wheel arch. what size spacers do you reccomend guys.
  8. one in a million

    Sat nav catastrophes

    i took a wrong turn once, and the sat nav tried leading me onto the M4 motorway the wrong direction. beat that! lol
  9. one in a million

    When do you put your lights on?

    my lights just come on by themself, lazy idea. but i think its brilliant lol.
  10. one in a million

    Driving too close

    2 second rule, i thought its when you dropped a piece of food. and if you picked it up within 2 seconds its fine to continue and eat. if not then its dirty lol its dirty anyway but hey thats what we used to call it lol
  11. one in a million

    Updated my clio!!

    thats the thing i dont want a huge sub, just want a sound system with a little base and a quality sound. thanks for the comments, i will look into the slimline subs today and get back to you. but at the end of the day the project of this car is to make it to my taste without making it look...
  12. one in a million

    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    wow that w12 golf looks mad and yeah it looks scary, they should of brought them out to annoy all the people with the r32's lol
  13. one in a million

    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    mk 1 gti original golf in red
  14. one in a million

    What is the biggest vehicle you've ever driven.

    a vitara with a 3 inch lift, thats was my biggest lol
  15. one in a million

    Updated my clio!!

    well thank alot for the advice, but im still umming and arring at the moment, i like the sound of the under car seat amp, but sounds like a bit of work, but then i could box it in, thanks for the advice people.
  16. one in a million

    Long time no see guys

    ok mate i got it, cheers fella, well first thing first on my list, i got to sort out security guys. going to get me a security camera and a bollard for me drive way. Then for christmas im getting me tracker fitted. since i have had me wheels and that done i have noticed it has caused attention...
  17. one in a million

    Long time no see guys

    hw much u qouting for a remap thn??
  18. one in a million

    Long time no see guys

    well might do, just worried as cars have been made to suit the performance, if i go for a remap, then im going to be putting strain on the engine then im going to have do other modifications, im not that serious yet, quite happy with the 182bhp its got lol. when i get bored tho, i wont bother...
  19. one in a million

    If you had a bigger garage

    if i had a big garage, i would have my clio in there followed by a 3.0 v6 clio and i would also have a little old project mini, that i would love to tune up with a 2.1l engine, and plenty of sand bags in the boots lol
  20. one in a million

    Just joined up,hi !

    hello mate, and welcome, ive been on many other forums, and your find this is the best place to get good advice and your at least get a reply if you have a question as other site seem to dont want to know.