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    Flooding near you

    dont do it ! if at all possible,but if you must,the aim is a steady speed,enough to create a small bow wave in front of you not try to traverse flooded fjords, as you vehicle can be lifted off its wheels and away you will go !
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    window tint

    i'm with t9 on this,i've had my sedona windows tinted,but not on the front widows for this reason,still improved the look of the vehicle though
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    To clean in the rain or wait

    wash,as the rain will have loosened the dirt/mud,less chance of scratching your pride and joy
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    thought about having a re-map,apart from power and torque gains,are there any more pro's for having it carried out.are there any major con's to be concerned about,i.e. reliability issues,as this is also my daily work horse.extra torque would be nice for when we are towing the caravan...
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    yeah,they very roomy inside,lot of car for the money.needed a van for work and car for home,this does both for me.:D
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    thanks for the warm welcome,new to diesels,enjoying the threads and info found on here,and hdi,as my wife often says,''if you've got it,flaunt it!'',seriously though,thnks for the replies,atb, mark
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    seen thse mods on youtube,like the sound of the turbo spooling up beeing heard through the exhaust,just wondered what you guys thought
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    hi all some advice needed please thinking of buying a secand hand freelander td4 to pull our touring van i've heard that you can convert it to 2 wheel drive for fuel econemy is it a case of just removing the propshaft to the rear axel ? is the saving in fuel enough to warrent doing this? regards...
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    hi newbie here

    hi all, another newbie here, have been driving for nearly 30 years and try to do all my own servicing and repairs,(i like to tinker !).just become owner of an 05 plate kia carens 1.8le petrol.dont know much about this mark of car,so hope to find out a bit more on in birmingham in the...