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    The latest want/need

    If it were not for the fact I am getting made redundant in 4 days , I would like/need this for my Surf ,
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    Wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it

    Found an MR2 powered by a Lexus V8 , hope this link is allowed ,
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    Hi again

    have said hi in the say hi section then found this part of the forum , I drive a Lexus V8 powered 1991 Hilux SSR-G Surf 4x4 , being a 4x4 it is by no means finished , apart from the usual like new tires which are due soon , I want more power from my V8 , I am in the process of talking my wife...
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    Hello all

    Just joined , my present wagon is a Lexus V8 powered 1991 Hilux Surf 4x4 , lookn for more power , am hoping theres someone here that maybe able to help , Cheers