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    Stupidly dangerous overtaking

    Always look left AND right before pulling out even an inch!
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    Most interesting thing about car tuning you've read

    What is the most interesting thing about car tuning you've read? Was it in a book, a magazine or online? Was it a stunning feature car or some indepth look at car tuning parts or technology? Did it inspire you or change your mind about your plans for your car?
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    Whats your favourite classic car

    Of all those cars you grew up with and that were around before you were born which one is your favourite? I really like the Beetle but to pick just one classic I think it would have to be a Triumph Stag, the lovely engines and they always make me think of picnics in the summer.
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    Mk3 Golf failing MOT on emissions

    They all seem a little low to me. Shouldn't they read around 85 - 135 for a petrol engine? I know there is a lot of variation between engines and I don't know much about the 1.4's in these. Have you found anyone posting up their test results for this engine?
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    Awkward moment - be careful who you honk!

    I honked my brother in law, but I don't think he ever realised it was me!
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    Are racing drivers better drivers

    When it comes to driving on the roads would you say a professional racing driver is a better driver? Does the racing experience help on the roads? Do you need fast reactions and car control skills to stay safe or is there a lot more to driving on the public roads than just that?
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    TorqueCars merchandise for sale

    What better way to spot other members at car shows than to have your own TorqueCars branded clothing. Help spread the word! Have you ordered yours yet? They are high quality garments and prices are now shown in GB £ and other currencies. If you've not got...
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    Can your partner change a wheel

    Does your partner, children or parents (whoever lives with you if I've missed any possibilities off here) know how to change a wheel? Have they actually done so or is it just theory in their heads?
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    Are first time passers any better?

    Does anyone think it makes a difference to your driving if you passed your driving test first time or had to try a couple of times or more to pass your test?
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    How do you defrost your windscreen?

    Anyone had to do this yet this year? It won't be long! :(
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    Buying a high mileage car

    Impressive mileage, the full service history carries it through making it such a good proposition as a used car buy.
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    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    I'm quite impressed by the Focus ST at the moment, that will get you a lot of car for your money and they are quite nice to drive!
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    Best diesel engines to remap

    What is your take on the remappability of a PD vs CR VAG engine? Are the newer ones better? Do you guys still rate the older 1.9 over the newer 2.0?
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    Performace Mods

    You can calculate the annual fuel costs of two different cars using our calculator here. It's handy when considering a petrol vs diesel option with differing MPG's and fuel costs. Add in the purchasing cost differential and I doubt...
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    What happens if you put petrol in a Diesel engine?

    I guess this still happens to a lot of people!
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    Remember when diesel was cheaper than petrol

    Can you remember that time when diesel was cheaper to buy than petrol? What happened! Is it still more cost effective to run a diesel at the higher price?
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    custom dyno tuning/rolling road are also worth talking to.
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    Is cetane similar to octane

    Am I right in thinking that Cetane is to Diesel what Octane is to petrol!:eek: Can somone explain the function of cetane for me?:oops: Does super diesel fuel contain more Cetane or is it just a higher Cetane product? :confused:
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    Tuning A3 2.0 TDI

    Our new forum sponsor JR tuning should be able to help out, I believe he's remapping our very own boss's car (an A3 2.0 TDi 140 BKD PD engine) shortly! I expect he will be posting up a review when it's done.
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    DIY ECU Remapping how hard is it and how to do it

    I worry when people start hacking their own ECU's. It is fraught with disaters IMO and best left to the people who know what they are doing. If you need to ask about DIY remapping then you shouldn't be doing it. Attend a good mechanical knowledge course and learn the finer points of ECU tweaking.