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    Which are the most fun off roaders

    My Vitara is quite a capable offroader. Its offroad ready out of the box. And it has more potential once modified. I had mine lifted by 6" and fitted 31" Mud tires. never failed to bring me home from the trails. :)
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    Finaly got my vitara woop woop

    have you found another vitara? I'm also a vitara owner and well satisfied with it. :)
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    How's this for articulation?

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    any update on your engine Ragaquin? I also have a silvertop engine installed (with a blacktop ECU). :)
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    Let's Roll

    RWD? planning on drifting? :D
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    Hello all.

    nice car! I always wanted a silvia myself. :)
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    Hello to all

    hello kababayan! :)
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    Charade owners say hello here.

    too bad we won't see or here from onafele anymore... you will be missed bro. :(
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    Mabuhay! from the Philippines!

    thank you for the welcome sir! :)
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    Mabuhay! from the Philippines!

    Hi, I'm Larry from the Philippines. This is a great forum! I have a customized 1993 Daihatsu Charade which I named "Chops". Chops because it's parts are chopped out parts from different cars. :lol: Most parts are imported from Japan. To name a few: Engine is from a Toyota Levin: 4AGE 1.6...
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    Charade owners say hello here.

    hello! I'm Larry from the Philippines. I have as well a g100 charade. its currently a work in progress. its made up of blood, sweat and tears. :D