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    What was the best decade for cars?

    the 80's as last of real drivers cars without driver aids such as abs and built in mild understeer. remember capris racing beemers with tail out on corners. ah what a decade.
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    How many cars have you driven?

    lost count as dad worked for lancia and fiat dealership. loads try out for road test. worked for hire vehicle delivery company for 8 years. fleet was up graded when vehicles 3 years old. drove everything from fiestas corsas etc to 7.5 ton lorries. then there was personnal holiday hire cars in...
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    new member

    lower front of car fit lightweight alloys tint windows pit car on diet as i understand it weighs 1300kg empty suggestions for more power gratefully received. thanks dave
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    Renault laguna needs MORE!

    hi i have fitted a full stainless steel exhaust and sports cat. not sure about Hp increase but torque is up at bottom. this is harder to gain than HP. got mine done in plymouth by a custom build company. noise is higher but how much is due to sports cat or better flowing silencers is down to...
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    just a quick hi to everyone. :bigsmile: