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    Zebra crossing rules

    it seems people lose the ability to use their common sense when on foot an behind the wheel!!
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    Higher speed limits.

    True about education motorway driving is the only part of driving that is not taught, Do you think when you drive all other people lose the use of common sense?
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    Higher speed limits.

    I think the way cars are made today most(not all) people cruise 85-90mph so a higher limit would be better, but as you said only if safe and i'd also like to see enforced fines for people that refuse to use clear left hand lane. not sure about the accident rate, theres bound to be more because...
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    Hairdressers cars and sterotypes

    old and new style corsa's r generally hairdressers as are the new vectra's and middle class mondeo's are mainly for rep's!!
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    Moral dilemmas -Pssst Wanna buy a radio

    im sorry but i dont want to fund a dirty no hoper smack head by buying his/her stolen stereo so im not actually sorry about it i jus wont do it.
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    Hitchhikers - pick em up or leave em?

    i was in plymouth working many moons ago and had to get to hampshire sharpish wiv no transport/money(had only jus started job), so decided to hitch, some fella picked me up in exeter and drove me all the back, couldnt believe my luck, thing is he wasn't even going that far so who knows wot made...
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    Do you dream of car?

    i always get the same sort of dreams of driving either a saff cossie or evo VII both done up to the max and seriously fast, good dreams!!!
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    Respectable 0-60 times.

    i had use of a standard 106 gti, apart from gti badge taken off wings an would get to 60 in no more than 7.5, so you can imagine the look on the escort rs boys faces wen they were looking at my boot from the lights!!!! good fun!!
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    inconsiderate driver causes a crash.

    this happens all the time, i cant believe the idiot looked in his mirror and swerved to avoid being hit by coach then off he went!!!!!
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    Condition of the roads.

    portsmouth roads r shocking although colas has jus won a contract to re surface there only doing main routes so if you wanna see any mates you have to go buy a 4x4 still!!!
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    Car Modifications We Could All Do Without

    i thought fog lights were there so you could see the trees or pavements better!!!
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    Driving like you used to.

    i have to say that ive prob not calmed the only real difference is that im more fluid, smooth and dont make the bad or rash decsions that i used to wen i was a young boy!!
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    Eating In Your Car

    lol, they scream apparently!!!
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    Are long drives fun

    i used to regulary drive from portsmouth to glasgow(550+), now the trip up in dead of night could be extremley tedious unless u get a few peeps that are travelling at same speed and as far cos you can keep yourselves entertained i.e convoy, using all 3 lanes side by side(only if safe) swapping...
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    Eating In Your Car

    lobster waynne??? you must live in a mansion in a hamlet somewhere(lol)
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    How Do You Do It?

    have to agree wiv creature...... rich parents! im on ok money but as car has now died i doubt ill have another for a couple of months as will have to save!!!
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    dead cars

    gearbox man took her for a spin and said that there was too much wrong, bearings in box, bearings on drive shaft apparently but basically the whole transmission was knacked. yeah am gonna go look for another but head still bit pickled from quote but gonna go on hols then think wot to do wen back!!!
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    dead cars

    whats the shortest time that someone has bought a car for it to then go and die? for the record my baleno has officialy died today, gearbox whine friday, quote for treatment today £650-£850(worth more than car) and only owned for 2mnths. gutted!!!
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    Eating In Your Car

    personally i hate any sort of mess in my car but the missus dont see a problem with it, the kids are a nightmare, crumbs, food that they haven't managed to stuff in their face and worst of all finger prints on the inside of windows, dont have kids if u want to keep your pride and joy clean!!
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    my boys the worst offender, as soon as he gets in his hand wonders for the head unit and he always gets the same response........... LEAVE ALONE LITTLE BOY, you may touch when a) your old enough to drive and b) you have your own car!!!!