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    Decision time

    Ok new car time, im going to treat myself to a 2007 focus st on fri,thing is there's a 2010 mondeo diesel and a 2011 insignia 1.8 that I like the look of, I do 300 miles a week on pretty poor roads am I going to regret the focus? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks
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    A bad trip?

    Howdy all ,on a bit of a road trip stornoway to cardiff stopped in glasgow just now leaving again in a few hours bought a 2.6 gsi last week and having a bit of trouble with tc and abs mainly soon as you go over 60 tc kicks on and off. at one point both warning lights stayed on and car ran...
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    any ideas

    hi folks just a quick post to ask if anyone can give me some pros and cons to buying an 03 xsara vtr also any tips to look out for when buying any help appreciated thanks
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    vectra not starting

    it is a 1998 vectra 1.8
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    vectra not starting

    thanks for the info bad63r. i have now removed and cleaned out the gasket and plug area as best as can be done then replaced with the new gasket and the plugs but the car still wont start. i have tried turning it over for a couple minutes now but still no ignition. is there something i have...
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    vectra not starting

    my vectra will not start for some reason, it turns over when turning the ignition but does not ignite. i went to check the spark plugs but they were covered in oil. does anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be and if so how can i resolve it?
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    Welcome to my nightmare

    Problem solved [i hope] leaking injector ,i thought i was using more fuel the last couple of weeks ,oh it was stella btw
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    Welcome to my nightmare

    Decided to go to filling station for a few beers on way home van cut out so i popped bonnet and was greeted by flames coming from all round sump [which cost 2 cans of lager to put out] on investigation starter motor had seized got one on ebay for £10 absolute pig to change [alternator,exhaust...
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    Laguna problems

    I had an 02 diesel 3 sets of front tyres to 1 at the back in the first year ,button start kept failing clutch pedal kept dropping to floor dealer told me there had been a re-call and all it needed was spring under pedal worked for about 3 days ,both front springs gone oh and engine blew up after...
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    Ford probe problems

    Decisions decisions :D all probe needs is spring and wheel bearing but mazda looks better i think. going to have to give it serious thought maybe start a poll lol :lol::lol::lol:
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    Ford probe problems

    Look fairly similar do u know if the mx 3 came with a 2.0 mines a 1.8
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    Ford probe problems

    Seeing as it is a mazda engine ive also got an mx 3 with siezed engine can u see where im going with this. anyone think it would work without heaps of problems
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    Electric superchargers

    Just noticed similar threads thought it sounded a bit too good :}
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    Electric superchargers

    Anyone got any thoughts on electric superchargers. found a web page by accident never heard of them
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    Hello, newbie here. =D

    Hello mate im sure you will find what you are looking for enjoy :)
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    Alright bud welcome to T C
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    Howdy partner
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    Ford probe problems

    Cheers for that local shop told me haynes didnt do one
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    Ford probe problems

    Bought it off a 60year old woman who stays down the road been walking past it since i was in school ,local club does regular quarter mile runs at airport was thinking about stripping it down to the bones dont know if it would match the scooby boys though
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    Alright all im the new guy

    :toung:,cracking site looking foreward to having a brouse