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  1. RichiesTrucking

    brake pad an spark plug help galant 2.5 v6 sport

    the V6 estate was a good car but i always wanted a VR4. a very rare manual came along at the right price so i snapped it up but its a very expensive car to run and modify. 3 weeks after i bought it the rear diff casing cracked so it was off the road for 7 weeks. i wanted brembos but i needed the...
  2. RichiesTrucking

    brake pad an spark plug help galant 2.5 v6 sport the front strut braces usually go for between £50 and £70. i dont know how much postage would be but i will find out tomorrow for you. is £50 plus postage ok? it is a very noticeable modification for the n/a galants and didnt affect my...
  3. RichiesTrucking

    brake pad an spark plug help galant 2.5 v6 sport

    something else to consider is a front strut brace. the understeer on a FWD galant is horrendous but a VR4 strut brace makes a huge difference. i put one in my V6 and the difference was night and day. the VR4 obviously has one and so does my new V6 so i have one spare and they are a piece of cake...
  4. RichiesTrucking

    3000GT vs EVO

    they arent over here. except for one which is scarily optimistically priced
  5. RichiesTrucking

    Drivers refusing to move over

    shaking an invisible ketchup bottle while glaring at them sometimes helps:blink1:
  6. RichiesTrucking

    Drivers refusing to move over

    obstructing traffic is illegal though and passing on the inside is not illegal. the difference being moving back in front of the vehicle you passed on the inside of ie. a car is sitting on an empty road in lane 2 and you approach from behind. moving into lane 1, passing and staying in lane 1 is...
  7. RichiesTrucking

    What is your cars Torque

    standard figures for a manual are 276 horses, 271 torque
  8. RichiesTrucking

    Boy racer vs me

    im sure all us older folks carry out a full risk assessment before choosing our course of action if the decision is the fun one. anything ahead? any turnings that a blind driver could pull out of? anywhere a copper could be hiding with a speed trap? i had a golf gti the other day. mk 4 i think...
  9. RichiesTrucking

    girl needs help quick!! :)

    it was never in front of me to now be behind me:(
  10. RichiesTrucking

    AIR CON - Do you actually use it?

    it was snowing last sunday night and friday night i was outside in a t shirt:confused:
  11. RichiesTrucking

    AIR CON - Do you actually use it?

    i never use A/C but i believe it runs the front demister which i do use in winter
  12. RichiesTrucking

    how much research do you do

    i always ask around. just 2 days ago i was asking about brake pads and oil type. opie oils says 5-30w, VR4 owners say 0-30w brake pads, i dont need them but since the hubs are being changed i thought, why not? i dont want the top of the range yet but i didnt want standard either. i would up with...
  13. RichiesTrucking

    Fast 6

    i have seen the 3rd one once. havent seen the 4th. saw the 5th a few weeks ago (i think it was on tv). i will probably see the 6th eventually but i wont go out of my way to see it. i wont even leave the house lol
  14. RichiesTrucking

    girl needs help quick!! :)

    no one thinks this whole thread is a little suspicious? i have only just seen it so i missed the 'accidental' bum pic but im thinking some cutesy girl comes on here asking for advice and the promised pic still has not appeared (had to be bought that night?) but is replaced by what is a pic of...
  15. RichiesTrucking

    Fake components.

    ball joints on our cars are prone to this too. camskill stopped selling the aftermarket versions after a few failed after a relatively short time (within months) so they only sell OEM and we only buy OEM
  16. RichiesTrucking

    How much work do you do on your car

    i swapped my seat, doorcards, fascia, steering wheel, headlights (the actual headlights, not bulbs) including separating the lens on headlight and front fogs), front bumper, wheels. check and top up fluids, change bulbs/fuses but thats about it. anything mechanical goes to a mechanic and i now...
  17. RichiesTrucking

    Most nondescriptive car

    i dont know the model, possibly an octavia? its a 4 door saloon and its a skoda. thats the car to get up to stuff in cos they are all bought as taxis so 1. you would get away with not bothering about the law. and 2. unless they got your registration number, you would blend in with the 1000 or...
  18. RichiesTrucking

    What does it mean when a car is v car listed?

    is this based on physical damage or cost to repair? obviously a burnt out shell cant be repaired but cosmetic damage could render a vehicle uneconomical to repair for an insurer but it could be a cheap repair for someone with the right parts and skills
  19. RichiesTrucking

    How much driving do you do

    95% commuting, 5% not commuting. just a guess on an average week
  20. RichiesTrucking

    How to tell the difference between a car driver and a car user

    i mean getting used to the car and learning its dimensions and abilities, not reckless driving a driver also understands the highway code and keeps up to date with it, not forgetting it by the time they get home with their nice new certificate to say they passed their test