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    Audi (1999) A6 4.2 chip/remap woes

    A reading of this model is straightforward, and should not render the ECU immobile. There is always the possibility of something going wrong but it just doesn't "sound" right from what you say. Hope you get it sorted mate!!
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    A good remap on a 130bhp model will give 175bhp without any other mods..:)
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    X Type tuning

    No prob mate, I have fitted them to customers before so know they are good..:)
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    X Type tuning

    Hi mate, you can only fit a tuning box on a diesel..
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    A3 TDI tuning options

    I think some mappers tend to get as much as they can, hence they work too close to the limits. We quote lower gains than most as we always leave a bit in reserve, so to speak, prob why we have never had any issues with either the 140 or 170 models.. :)
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    A3 TDI tuning options

    We have never had a problem or issues with remapping either the 140/170 bhp models. :)
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    A3 1.8 T Sport ECU remap

    Hi Mate, We are a mobile service but you would have to pay £280, and you do get what you pay for!! :) All ours maps are modified to suit each vehicle and your requrements..
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    GTO Chip?

    Hi mate you should see around 45bhp/60nm torque once modded...:)
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    Which tuning company?

    As above but make sure you get warranty etc, and it is a modified map for your car only, dont just go with the highest figures as not all will give what they allegedly quote..:)
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    A4 3.0tdi (240PS) remap

    The new Audi's cannot be remapped via the diagnostic port due to them having "security protection". This applies to all cars with the latest EDC17 CP04/CP14 ECU.. So it can only be done by removing the ECU from the car and done on the bench.. Still good gains though on the 3.0 tdi 240bhp...
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    CL550 ECU Tuning

    Hi Mate, Is it the 5.8 V12 engine? if so 18bhp/25nm torque from a remap...:) Evolutionchips remaps
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    Hi mate, if you want a car with cheap tax(£35) then me personally would rather have a fiesta or focus... and all can be remapped easily!! :)
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    Hi mate, yes the 1.6 can be mapped ok, 8bhp/18nm torque.. And yes bear we do all the BMW'S :)
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    Hi bear, welcome mate, where in canada are you?
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    slow saab

    Hi mate, there is nothing available for the 1.8i model, only the turbo versions..
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    Tuning my Grand Cherokee

    Hi cherokee, a remap on your model will give 30bhp/60nm torque which will transform the way your jeep drives at low rpm and will pull much better and smoother, and you should see an improvement in fuel economy...:)
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    MG Maestro Turbo

    good cars mate, just find one with a really good body!!!
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    Ok a tuning question

    Hi Dyno, At a guess your ickle car should be 80bhp std and remapped will take it up to 100bhp and torque uo from 110nm to 150nm.. very good for a little motor..:) evolutionchips installer
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    Ok a tuning question

    Hi dyno, what engine does it have? evolutionchips installer
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    BMW 320Cd power increse!!!

    Hi Peycha, Hamann are BMW approved hence the high price for there remaps. The software is only as good as the person who writes it. Yes they are good but very overpriced, partly because you get the approval and BMW warranty with it. Any good Tuning Company will offer you a lifetime warranty...