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    Suzuki swift sedan workshop manual

    Far as i can tell, the year model is '88-'90. Has G16A stamp on the block. Model is the four door sedan. I'm looking for a book (if there every was one) new or used. Searched up and down and can't believe that a vehicle produced in so many versions could have paperwork so hard to locate...
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    CB-22 carburetor to distributor vacuum lines?

    Hi! Found the Charade sub-forum after more thorough searching of the site. Should have earlier, but being mostly on dial-up with pay-card (Yikes), one eye is on the clock most of the time and one on the blank screen as the pages l-o-a-d. (Yes. I know this is stone-age but so am I, so...
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    Hello there. I'm in the Lesser Antilles. Restoring an ancient Daihatsu charade ( lots of fun, this one)..... The site is a valuable resource. The articles I've read here so far are a real pleasure as the authors are not afraid to debunk a lot of the nonsense (esp. that) associated with...