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  1. rocketman

    led back lights

    the led rear light it works if you switch the engine on first but if you try to turn the rear lights on without the engine running it flashes 3 times and goes out on the right hand side its funny because the other light is fine maybe its a cheak that the system goes throe to cheak for blown...
  2. rocketman

    led back lights

    hi i hope you can help me ive fitted some lexsus style LED rear lights to my pug its a 307 sport 2007 one of the lights flashes twice then goes out is this a blown bulb detector and how do i disable it the other light works fine they both worked fine in my other pug a dturbo 307 2002
  3. rocketman

    hi how can i make more power on my 307 sport 1.6 16v petrol

    hi im getting a peugeot 307 sport 16v petrol face lift model are there eny usefull mods i can make for more power
  4. rocketman

    my pug 307 dturbo

    hi again decided to get rid of 307 turbo im getting a 307 sport 16v 110 bhp petrol 2007 face lift model spent too much time trying to fix her bad starter in morning done 47000 miles im getting £3000 trade in before the fap needs sorting aswell ive decided to stick with petrol but i will be doing...
  5. rocketman

    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    Re: Modifying your car ? Please think carefully about what your doing thats good advice and i hope a lot of people read it safety first
  6. rocketman

    my pug 307 dturbo

    im going to get a K&N filta might get it remaped im thinking about some graphics aswell maybe lions heads on each side in black might get alloys resprayed graphite gray
  7. rocketman

    my pug 307 dturbo

    heres my pug307 hdi dturbo
  8. rocketman

    how do you stop air box from moving in pug 307 hdi dturbo

    ive also found out one ove the securing pieces has snaped off the lid so it could be leaking ive orderd a new one £59.00 think i will put a k and n filta in it
  9. rocketman

    how do you stop air box from moving in pug 307 hdi dturbo

    hi ive noticed my air box is moving about and i had a look theres a clip on side of air box do you bend it towards the brakit to stop it moving dave
  10. rocketman

    Do you like big wheels

    big wheels look cool i have 17 inch alloys on mine
  11. rocketman

    what power gains can i get from mods on pug 307 110 dturbo

    what sort of power gains can i get out of my 307 hdi dturbo 110 and what usefull mods can i make say a K and N filter
  12. rocketman

    new more mature members lol

    the pugs silver so might go for black which will stand out did peugeot do a special edition car with them on i like the graphics on your car look real cool mate
  13. rocketman

    The Best Peugeot Model

    hi can you tell me what sort ove power gains i can make to my pug 307 dturbo 110
  14. rocketman

    saxo vtr (picture heavy )

    nice motor mate
  15. rocketman

    new more mature members lol

    im 47 but i feel like a 21 year old im after some graphics for my pug thinking lions head on doors and maybe puting some on bonet and on rear window see how it goes
  16. rocketman

    new more mature members lol

    ive just got my new back lights techno LED look cool will go with my silver paint i was going to get some others but when i paid and phoned them up next day they said they where discontinued eany way these look a lot better and only cost me £124.00 normal price over £200 got them from ultimate...
  17. rocketman

    my 307

    nice clocks nalderz i have a pug 307 how do you convert them dave
  18. rocketman

    new more mature members lol

    hi im david just got a pug 307 dturbo and im going to start modifying it soon

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