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    Diesel Exhaust - worth it or not?

    For my 2005 Mazda Bounty SDX 2.5 Litre diesel, I got a full 3" stainless steel exhaust installed and it made a huge difference to the sound; giving it a deeper more throaty sound in conjunction with getting an aftermarket intercooler installed and perfomance filter. It was well worth it...
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    2005 Mazda Bounty turbo SDX upgrade to larger aftermarket turbo. Help! EEEk!

    Kia ora all! I've emailed my mechanic regarding upgrading my Mazda to either option A; a 'bolt on' turbo or option B; the far more expensive, 'full revamp' larger aftermarket turbo. I'm not a mechanic and although reasonably intelligent (hope so), I am finding it difficult to find the...
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    Greetings from a new member

    Hi, I'm from New Zealand. I have a 2005 SDX Mazda Bounty 4 door. It has been modified with the following: Installed rear caddy lights, recessed rear tail light, shaved door handles with poppers, installed 3" stainless steel full exhaust system, after market perfomance filter, catch can system...

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