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    Hey peeps of TC!

    depends what day it is :) im normally somewhere near maidstone, gillingham, or if im unlucky sittingbourne lol
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    98 rover 214 plz help

    Sounds like the thrust bearing. Mine did that and shortly after the clutch needed doing so I it both done and it stopped dd you change the bearing at all?
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    Hey peeps of TC!

    Next is to finish the running in and then wire up the speed sensor to allow the ecu to give full boost :) I need a 3 inch downpipe to make the most of the turbo and a larger intercooler as I'm using the standard one that came out of the Saab doner. Once I have those in place I can use the...
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    Rover 214i twincam 16v

    yup 1.4 is either the single point injection k series or if its a newer one it will have the multi point injection k series. they sound mental with a cone filter on, and rev so fast! i use to love my 214sei, well i did till it blew its head gasket, which it did nearly every 6 months, but then...
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    What interior mods have you done

    mmm leather! :D seriously though, i binned my old seats in favour of some huggy half leather ones, ive got my alcantara fix from the custom made gear gaitor and handbrake gaitor. Ive gone red and blue leds in the dash, white leds in the lights and installed led door lights too. Ive illuminated...
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    Hey peeps of TC!

    this was my first vectra, since owning it i've had a gsi that i rebuilt and a Diesel runabout aswell for my sins! i guess its a "Better the devil you know" thing :p A good friend of mine left the vectra scene to go Jap, gone and bought a Skyline of all things! jammy git!!
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    Hey peeps of TC!

    Hi there, just nosing through, but thought it was the polite thing to do and introduce myself ;) I drive a mass produced rep mobile (BOO! I hear you say!) But its a mass produced rep mobile with a personality issue :o Its a Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1999, which has now undergone a total...

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