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    307 ICE project

    Any updates on this thread, as i very interested in this.. Nick,
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    307 Wheels

    yer, well as the car will not be going into show's, i think maybe some wide aftermarket wheels will do the job. Have been looking at a few sets on ebay. Any one know any wheel types that may suit a 307, then i could look to do a bit of photoshopping. Cheers yet again guys! :lol:
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    307 Wheels

    Okay, Don't worry i wont. I've had a look at some on ebay, and for replica's your looking at £99.00 per wheel or £1500 for a set which are the real thing, is it really worth spending that amount? or am i best going for a Peugeot set like the 206 GTi 180's? Nick,
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    307 Wheels

    Okay, so are those pictures showing to every one that is viewing the thread? well i would obviously love real splits but they are very expenisve inless i buy them damaged or scuffed, but i've been reading a couple of articles on replicas and there are a few makes to stay away from, but a...
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    307 Wheels

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, and have recently just bought a 56 plate 307, in a dark grey..Will try and get pictures up soon but the car has been back and forth to the garage for the past few weeks as an emmisions light is coming on and keeps cutting out, most probably fuel pump.. Anywayzz \/...

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