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    plz plz plz plz help!!!

    if the timing is out to far then th valves will be bent, head off again then
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    Wot do i do??????

    change the brake fluid aswell, if could have got moisture in it which will degrade it and make the brakes fade.
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    Cam question

    can do mate but it depends on where you are.
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    Cam question

    rover k series cams are very easy to fit, if you want them fitting i can do them for you. im a fully qualified mechanic and have rebuilt many of these engines.
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    Longest time in a car

    22 hours, all the way to luxombourg and back at speeds you would get banned for over here. it about 1500 miles.
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    help with pictures please

    just tried to put some pics in the gallery and when it was uploading the files an error message came up saying security token missing and it wont continue
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    98 rover 214 plz help

    they have a tendency to warp anyway
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    help with pictures please

    it just says i dont have permission
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    hi all

    thank waynne, i realy like my rover i think its pretty nippy for a 1.6. this is the fourth one ive had now but the best one was my 420 2.0 litre t series, went like hell
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    help with pictures please

    it says you have to have 10 posts before you can upload pics but it still wont let me, can anyone tell me why. thanks gaz
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    my SX4 suzi

    very nice, love the colour
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    What do you think of these rims?

    think they only look good on something like the beemer, otherwise a bit naff
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    How many of you have more than one car?

    rover 200 and a crappy corsa
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    Rental cars, abuse em or use em

    have to be thrashed it wouldnt be right if you didnt
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    98 rover 214 plz help

    thrust bearing will be knackered, as for the dodgy idle clean the throttle body
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    Who else has a Rover derv??

    had a 220 derv myself, looved the thing it pulled like a train
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    help with my options

    you will never see more than 8 bhp from remapping a mems ecu
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    Cam question

    i fitted a piper fast road cam to a 1.4 peugeot about a month back and the gain was pretty good and it still runs smooth enough for everyday driving
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    hi all

    thanks mate will do
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    Where's the thermostat?

    as said there a pain to get to, it makes it easier if you take the inlet manifold off first.
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    Throttle Body

    do a google search for QED motorsport, they do loads of stuff for the k series includind jenvey throttle bodies
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    hi all

    hi everyone, very happy ive joined this site. i have a rover 216si which ive done a few bits to, so far ive fitted a pipercross filter, kv85 leads, denso plugs, vvc inlet and matched ports, mg zr spoiler,lexus lights,alloy wheels and brm heater dials. im going to post some pics in the gallery...

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