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    Nick is back

    Hey guys!! I had written out a massive history of my cars, and then fotki uploader crashed my IE, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Need some breakfast, so ill make another version of it in a second! Waynne do you think i should do a project thread or just stick it in here?! I hate fotki.
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    Double your gas mileage

    If youve got a carb'd engine, you could try DIY water injection based on manifold vacuum. Carb'd usually means the engine is using a dizzy, which you can then advance a fair amount depending on your water injection levels. Thus more performance and more mpg, do a search on it through google...
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    Nick is back

    Re: Double your gas mileage Nick - hi guys I'm back. What you all been upto? Hope Nick doesn't mind me posting this on his behalf! - Waynne
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    fto gr gearbox problem

    Doh!! Good reminder sometimes it can be the not so obvious things!!
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    Help mivec or not????

    Having driven both, i wouldnt say there is a massive difference, just the sound of mivec on the v6 engine is awesome! Get the GPX if youve always made cars something better than standard, GR if you want a neat run around, actually, just get GPX! From memory, 2.0 v6 GR runs circa 180bhp at...
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    1.9D (from a 306?) in z 106?

    speak to spoox, pugoff, any dedicated engines company. Quite a mean thing your trying to pull off! Expense your looking at 1k MIN, engine, gearbox, fabricated mounts,driveshafts,ecu,loom,connection to dash loom. Engine will be very heavy in a light car so front end will be everywhere round a...
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    Recomending First Car :)

    technically you shouldnt be driving the car more than them, else you would be the MAIN DRIVER. CITROEN AX, Very light, very cheap, cheap to repair. CIS do an anydriver policy inc under 25's, get your parents to ask them about it. Not tooo sure if its still available.
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    What oil do you prefer in your car?

    Silkolene 5w40 Fully Synth, couldnt stop the engine from bending a rod. :D:D:D
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    Saxo VTR/VTS

    Idle is a little bit up and down, and i think i need a larger body as the airflow has been disrupted (doh). S off a shovel now :D
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    Screamer pipes

    Correct ^
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    drinking feul!

    if your using the car on short runs you'l get bent over by the MPG patrol!
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    Whats your hariest moment behind the wheel?

    As a complete novice driver, leaving from a field and going round a corner on mud slick tyres, to face the traffic behind me. No damages, just a good lesson learned!
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    Saxo VTR/VTS

    bent two rods, hyrdaulic lock :( so i rebuilt with fresh robs, big ends, thrust, skimmed head with a little bit more for higher comp, re seated valves, polished exhaust ports :D
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    Saxo VTR/VTS

    Bloody jeep did that to me the other day too! did i tell you ive rebuilt the engine waynne?
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    Saxo VTR/VTS

    cos mines got 16 of your valves and freds got 8 of em, but then he has a drivable car :D
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    Window tinting - legal in the UK?

    Bit of a sweeping statement!
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    Trax 2006

    Sounds like a good idea to have a section on car shows!
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    Are blue headlights legal in the uk?

    neons distract other drivers as its not a familiar sight to see lights anywhere else than the middle front of a car etc. HID lights appear blue, but nobody argues the toss that you get blinded by them and the only benefit is for the driver of the HID dwelling car who appears to see everything in...
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    If you clean your car all the time, you become used to the idea of how it looks when its at its best, leave a car to settle for a couple of months and then clean it, best day of your year :P
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    Single Wiper Conversion

    But then its not going on a clapped out heap is it. Versace use alot of gold on their designs and its ok, but if nike did... you get my point. Still think it should be in the middle position, pretty boy :P
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    Are blue headlights legal in the uk?

    Spain and spain again, for a month! One of the best holidays ive had in a good while! Cheers for the PM :D. To be honest i dont think they would ever let anything mechanical get through, lights arnt doing any harm to anyone and he seemed to think they were legal as he didnt say it with a wink etc!
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    Each to their own, Mothers clay bar system with detailer and polish. Microfibre clothes. back to black tescos for wheels and trim. old newspaper and some water for the windows. never clean on a hot or cold day. My latest antics dont involve cleaning, just a got lot of dust.
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    Are blue headlights legal in the uk?

    My local MOT were quite happy to pass the lights provided the beam pattern was the same. Cant see them being too much of a problem, better than those on BM's and Merc where you drive past temporarily blind.
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    What are the best mods for a Citroen Saxo?

    thermostat wasnt sealing shut fully, (took ages to heat up/very low running temp) Switched it over for a slightly higher rated stat and runs near on the fan cutting in, MPG improvment of about 8, and a heater matrix that blows hot air 8)
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    Members rides

    wont show the picture? freddys car looks so good these days, why dont you post your pics up!
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    Members rides

    You cheeky rasclart freddie! yeah heres a picture of my baby at the french car show, i think me and you are going to be the green and black crew haha, stripped her out theres more pick up in the midrange rather than the typical 16v bog!
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    tuning 1400cc 8v?

    Drop a 2litre Cav engine in, with the time it takes to set up webbers correctly you should do the engine swap :D
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    Vege Oil - Bio Diesel

    the link explained it all!
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    Vege Oil - Bio Diesel

    hahaha that made me laugh so much, so what we are saying is that if you wack some veggie oil in, you will get better MPG, what about performance, and how much is the veggie oil per litre in the first place? if i was to go out and stick some in a 307HDI it would work fine? Can you run completly...
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    What are the best mods for a Citroen Saxo?

    oh btw i used 20 litres of 99ron from tescos, and with quite abit of abuse i got flikin 32MPG! dont know where the hell thats come from but im liking the 6quid i spent on a new thermostat!
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    What are the best mods for a Citroen Saxo?

    you suck balls freddie, i dont need the power anyway 8)
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    What are the best mods for a Citroen Saxo?

    dont decat! tinny, does sweet FA too :D you exhaust exit on a backbox should be no more than 2 1/2 inches if you actually want to keep your performance and drivablity
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    Saxo VTR/VTS

    someones got a vts!
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    Saxo VTR/VTS

    if you plan to sell your VTR or even VTS, please could you email me,, i dont want to spend more than £1800! in surrey area please!
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    Products, Rated/Hated

    As far as im aware at the moment the product "K-Seal" i got off ebay for a tenner has fixed a head gasket leak, which would of cost me 700 quid to have fixed at the garage, fingers crossed it keeps up! oh and everyone, you really should flush your radiators, the amount of cr@p in them is...
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    Bigger engine time! If you were to take the Cat off you would have much beter throttle response and the car would rev more freely as there is less back pressure, you can get a sports cat but then the money on that could of been spent on the straight pipe and ecu trickery. Remeber that the...
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    Oil In Radiator!

    Right so im thinking i might drop another engine in either 1.4 or 1.6 but a mk2 version if possible would i need a new ECU and would it work ok with my standard speedos and gearbox will obv be much closer than a 1.6 but i dont really mind this, just would they couple, basically things that need...
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    Oil In Radiator!

    comes down to insurance and ecomony in the end, i wish i could have an r6 but not have the bother with all the tests and unpracticalitys in wet weather and other drivers! well 400 for labour and either the skimming of the block and replacement top or the best case the actual gasket has just worn...
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    Oil In Radiator!

    yep mayo in the oil, barbi sauace in the coolant, i am driving the birds new mini now which is nice, but the quote of 700 from a garage next to birds dads work put a downer on the day, im guno take the head off, have a look to see if its worped if it is see how much a skim is and if tis not...
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    Oil In Radiator!

    Ok so its not affecting my car as of this moment, bt i have noticed rbbish economy. I took the radiator cap off and saw oil mixed heavily in with the water/coolent mix in the radiator. where do yo think the oil is getting in? im quite a confident home mechanic, and would find no problem in...

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