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    Float and Fix calliper difference

    If you live in country where tuning is illegal - well there is always corruption ;-)
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    Float and Fix calliper difference

    thanks for reply. I've been thinking about ducting for a while as a part of Dural engine cover :o) I guess a fix 2-4 pistons calliper would be better than usual VW float one piston calliper
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    Float and Fix calliper difference

    Since I like to push my car hard - overheating of brakes are usual problem (especially in mountains where I spent most of time). I upgraded my brake system to ceramic brake-pads with grooved discs. Overheating has been slightly reduced. I wonder if fix, 2-4 piston, callipers deliver better...
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    Skoda Fabia VRS modifications

    To me, that airbox seems to restrict airflow too much. I can make any part I need for my car. So any conical filter ;-) I have stnadart map now so ECU didn't like it ;-) I purchased original airbox and PD160 inlet pipe. In case I will sell my car once I will leave UK. Basically, unless I...
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    that is problem with VW cars. They are rubbish now because they focus on so many cars that they cannot make any of them right. I still wonder they still fund Skoda Motorsport. Skoda is possibly only one who makes money for VAG now. At least last few years. Who wnats overpriced Golfs? Golfs are...
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    Skoda Fabia VRS modifications

    I want to try keep same inside diameter of original MAF sensor housing nad machine adapter before MAF sensor housing. you get PD160 intake pipe which will feed bottom part of air box and top section will be removed and replaced by conical filter. what do you think. is it worthy? all i want to...
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    Skoda Fabia VRS modifications

    I am not sure about petrols, but diesels don't like it. Once i replaced incorrect airbox, performance dropped to level of 1.4 16V :-( I had connected VAG-COM/VCDS and logged boost pressure road test. even at idle revs, there is 0.1bar less pressure due larger diameter of intake pipe. original...
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    BMW is part of group unofficially. And Porsche will join VW cartel this year. Skoda co-operates with VW since dawn of men :-) officially 5 years ago or so. we are just slaves of germans in czech republic ;-) original quattro system introduced in rally was as good as subaru awd. but, they...
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    Let me tell you little secret about VAG cartel. VW, BMW, Skoda, Seat, Audi are all same cars just different batch and car body ;-) Maybe BMW and Audi is slightly different, but rest of cars exactly same. Seat is cheap Skoda, VW is expensive Skoda, Audi and BMW is bloody overpriced Skoda. I...
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    Skoda Fabia VRS modifications

    problem is with intake air pressure. I have already machined reduction for RS airbox thus my original one has been damaged and draw air outside the filter. Once, I put higher diameter inlet pipe (adapter), ECU switched to safe map because there was lack of air pressure due larger diameter of...
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    RS and normal TDi PD 100BHP is almost identical. there is just bigger turbo and larger inlet manifold intake. not many RS around for reasonable price. you buy normal fabia and remap it. you get pseudo RS. I don't see any point in sport car just with FWD. Skoda Motorport has built many rally...
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    hi, thanks for reply. By strange laws I ment obsession with safety, emissions and other bull#!#!#!#!s by your government. I think you wouldn't pass MOT with decat exhaust and so on ;-) thanks for info. these external boxes are weird anyway. Revo is 5 miles from me. I try them then. I don't...
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    Hi guys, anyone tried this company (reference by torquecars), please? I am looking for remap of my Skoda Fabia 1.9TDi. I am interested in "diesel tuning kit" due strange laws in UK. thanks
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    RS Tuning

    vRS is just little bit more tough fabia 1.9TDi. as this webpage suggests I want to try "diesel tuning kit" since I don't want custom remap. I need "traveling" car, not fuel consuming beast. I would go back to Subaru Impreza if I want it so ;-)
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    skoda octavia VRS

    some guys back in czech republic replaced favorit engine with MPI felicia engine. but that is huge rebuild. there was also some extremes like felicia engine on Skoda 120 L :o) Most of these so called rubbish cars like most UK residents say, are used for motorsport. I guess it will not pass...
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    Skoda Fabia VRS modifications

    what induction kit did you get? or how did you manage to fool MAF sensor and exhaust back pipe. I assume that vRS is like 1.9TDi. I don't have manual for vRS, but it seems to me exactly same. thanks

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