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    Need help on my Rover 25

    Thanks very much, that was when i normally changed around the 2500-3000 mark so that could be the problem, thank you very much, i havent done any mods to it yet, can you give me any hints?
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    Need help on my Rover 25

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me with this problem i am having with my Rover 25, i dn't no if this is a real problem as this is my first car. Anyway, i am having a little problem with power, as i live on a hill, when changing from 1st to second, it seems to loose all momentam and...
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    Newbies Say Hello

    hey all, new user here My name is Steven and im 17 and get my driver test soon, for my first car i have a rover 25 1.4,if you wouldnt mind leaving me any tips that would be welcomed, i have a little problem with it, it seems to loose power when shifting from 1st to second when going up any...

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