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    e32 welded diff

    A welded diff is not suitable for road use at all, pretty much only for drifting, the skipping and skittish handling would drive you nuts, a LSD or torsion diff is the way to go for a road car.
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    Hi my Escort ain't running like it was last wk

    Nice to meet you and welcome to TorqueCars. It sounds like you get to enjoy your car. What are the running issues you mentioned in your thread title?
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    1.5 TFSi engine performance / remap

    Check you've not got carbon build up, that can rob quite a bit of power. It depends on the overall mileage and if you do short journeys. APR are the goto people for Audi Maps, and Celtic tuning can offer a rolling road setup for best results, the 1.5 is a bored out 1.4 so there is little...
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    Are wider tyres better ?

    That makes sense to me, but wasn't something i'd realised or thought about.
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    My project! GTR full from Carbon fiber. PART 1

    Awesome thanks for sharing your pics and ideas. What's your next job on this project then?
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    GTR full from Carbon fiber. PART 1

    Awesome work, this is a great project.
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    Hello from CNY

    Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. Keep us informed of your projects progress.
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    Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. Keep us informed of your projects progress.
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    new to forum

    Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. Keep us informed of your projects progress.
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    Hello from Busselton, West Australia.

    Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. Keep us informed of your projects progress.
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    Focus focus focus

    Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. Keep us informed of your projects progress.
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    Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. Keep us informed of your projects progress.
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    Your goals for 2021

    Finding another job, been laid off again, things are still tough in the construction industry at the moment, so looking elsewhere. Perhaps a delivery driver will be a good move.
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    Costs for A Stage 2

    Stage 2 varies from company to company. Most people think of a stage 2 being a remap and performance exhaust intake and camshaft or turbo/turbo wastegate mods though. A good remap will set you back around £300-£400 and should preferably be done on a rolling road. APR are pretty good on VAG...
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    Can a 12V car battery kill you

    Is it possible to get a lethal electric shock from a 12V car battery? Was chatting with a friend the other day and he said he'd heard of a guy who had been electrocuted and killed whilst working on a car. Both of us have held a car battery and touched the terminals but didn't even register a...
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    Are all cars worth modding

    Yes - the supercharger is linear and the turbo boost is exponential. But can you remap superchargers like you can a turbo?
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    What is a 9 second car

    wow! Thats a lot of power. I guess lighter cars will need less power to get the same time.
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    slk 200 kompressor 163hp small pulley

    Which pulley do you have and what power figure are you aiming for?
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    New here.

    Placing the intercooler in contact with the radiator is bad news. There needs to be isolation and ideally a clear and good air flow path around it. Heat soak is a problem with any intercooler, and larger ones just delay this problem. There is a lot of SAAB genuine part snobbery but many...
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    Am I getting to be a grumpy old man ?

    :lol: @TCJBOLDIE
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    What is a 9 second car

    What are 9 second cars? How to build one? What power and mods would you need? Would it cost a fortune?
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    Are all cars worth modding

    That makes sense. When you say turbo I guess you are talking petrol turbos mainly? What about superchargers like the Mercedes Kompressors?
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    What do you need for a stage 1 tune

    What would you need to do to a car if you wanted to do a stage 1 tune up? Is it worth going to stage 2 or does this start to get expensive?
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    ECU Tuning Problem

    Did you get anywhere with this? I'd be interested to know if you found a way around this.
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    how much hp would my 370z need to justify a big brake kit

    Improving the stopping power should be considered on all cars regardless of power. I've seen a 100bhp car pushing 100mph and I've seen 800bhp cars at the same speeds! All need to stop in the shortest distance possible and this is more to do with weight and speed rather than power.
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    Are all cars worth modding

    I was just wondering if it's worth spending time modding and tuning any car? Are there certain cars that wouldn't be worth modding or tuning? Are some cars better than others to mod or tune? What are your recommendations when looking for a good project car to play with?
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    Latest TorqueCars forum upgrades

    Love it, feels like a magazine. And it certainly handy to see the project photos before you click on them. Good work. How do I get the app?
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    Stage 1 2.5L Duratec?

    You need a mild fast road cam for better power through the rev range, a competition cam will be all at the top end.
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    Your first and latest mod

    What was the first mod you did on a car ever and what is the latest mod you've carried out on your car? My first car had an induction kit fitted, and my latest mod was a remap. The remap made a massive difference to pick up and power, the induciton kit not so much!
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    Are you back to normal after lockdown?

    Far from it, the catering industry is on it's knees and we will probably end up in lockdown again. I think we are going to lose a lot of restaurants and cafes through all this.
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    Caption competition

    It says on my licence to "tear along dotted line".
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    Lockdown car care tips and reminders

    Great tips, these all make sense. i'd add that making sure the tyres are turned so the car sits in a different spot is quite important.
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    Is your car ready for E10 fuels?

    I didn't know what the lead was in petrol for at all, I thought it was just something that happened to be in it and they've managed to find a way to remove it. This has got me worried, I think I need to do a little more reasearch.
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    Stage 1 2.5L Duratec?

    A remap is the obvious first mod, it will probably give more power per $ than any other mod you can do and take you up 10% to 15%. Add on a supercharger and cam for silly extra power gains but then you start talking silly extra money especially for forced induction. A cam is a good option...
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    Kia ora from New Zealand

    Hello mate, good to meet you. Thats an interesting project you have there. Keep us updated.
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    Where to start when a car wont start

    Does the ECU reset when you pull the battery connections?
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    E36 project update.

    Nice work - love the graphics.
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    My current project build

    An interesting read, hope you get this finished, it looks like you're most of the way there.
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    General Module Issues

    The ECU doesn't work unless the immobiliser is happy if i recall on these. Everything needs to be matched up when you change modules out. Try the key, as Waynne said it's sometimes the obvious easy things. Can you rip out the internals and swap them over, its likely to be a chip or PCB.
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    Be wary of the refund scam

    Our company get orders to ship large quantities of expensive products, we did this once and the payment although it looked like it went through got clawed back and we lost out. They used a fake address for delivery which they obviously staked out and took delivery. We now only ship after...

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