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    Inlet manifold

    I am in Bristol, but these things arn't heavy so postage is always possible.
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    Inlet manifold

    Am looking for an inlet manifold to mount a pair of DCOE's to a Vauxhall C14SE Head. Cash Waiting
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    4seater wizard roadster hood wanted

    If your talking about the VW bug based roadster then Wizard went out of business a long time ago, I'm not aware of anyone who has any old stock. I trim cars part time, pm me if you want me to take a look,
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    Kit cars?

    If i understand you correctly you are looking to build a Porsche Kit, I will assume you mean a porsche look alike, glass fibre body etc, if thats the case the only one I know of are COVIN 911 replicas, the bad news is they went out of business years ago but if you search on COVIN you will no...
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    Corsa b enigine change

    If you start putting cams into a redtop you can kiss goodbye to 300 immediately, couple that with a decent pair of vernier pulleys to sort out the cam timing and theres another 100. with buying a lump to use as a base and by the time youve bought gaskets and everything else 500 looks a bit...
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    Corsa b enigine change

    Any MPI head is better than the SPi head,due to better shape and position of the inlet ports, look for SE engine codes. all of the vauxhall small block family of engines will slide in nicely, wouldn't worry about cam upgrades unless your going to do something with the rest of the motor...
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    Building a custom car body

    Re: car body I would research building a kit before you start, I built a Cobra 20 years ago and it was good fun with nothing more than an MOT at the end to satisfy the DVLA, nowadays though you have to get the car IVA tested before you can use it on the road, 40 page document full of rules and...
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    Brakes question.

    I use Ferrodo DS300 on the rally car, got to get them warmed up to get the best from them, not advisable for road use.
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    Connect positive lead to the largest terminal on the starter motor, not sure about this particular model but is easily reachable from underneath with the bonnet closed on most cars, negative to any part of the underside for an earth then connect other ends to a battery, this should be enough to...
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    Nomex Race suit

    My co-driver needs an FIA aproved Nomex race suit (rule change this year Proban no good for Stage rallies) and needs to try and find a good used one as he doesn't have loads of spare cash. Anyone here got one they would like to sell I believe he is size 48
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    mot questions

    Firstly are you planing on building a stage car or road rally car? for a stage car you will also need an MSA log book in addition to the Ministry log book not sure if MSA book is req'd for road rally car. The rules on what you can and can't change for a stage car are quite complex and I would...
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    gas flowing your own cylinder head

    Just read both these articles sid, good stuff will try some of the rules and see how I get on. wrote another reply last night but it went to the moderators before posting, bit long winded but may see that on here as well.
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    gas flowing your own cylinder head

    The box I described does exactly that, vacuum on sucks air through the cylinder head as you open the valve, I agree it will be the wrong way round when you do the exhaust port but as Mr Vizard explained the exhaust side is less important than the inlet as you just need to get rid of the burt...
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    gas flowing your own cylinder head

    The basic principle is to pull air through the head at various positions of valve lift then have a way of measuring the flow. Do this with a stock head (bearing in mind what cam you intend to fit) then start working the head a little at a time and repeat the process. You need a box which...
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    gas flowing your own cylinder head

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, if not maybe one of the moderators could advise? I read a magazine article quite a while ago written by David Vizard about making a flow rig to compare flow rates through a cylinder head; before and after working the ports I built such a rig...
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    Hello everyone just a quick introduction. My name is Keith, I am an engineer and repair gas turbines for a living, My passions apart from the family; are cars and motorsport. I have a Cobra replica built some 15 years ago, and my most recent play thing is a very modest Vauxhall Nova Rally car...

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