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  1. J

    mk2 punto seats into a mk1 punto

    Hi guys any clues if a mk2 rear seat with rear headrests will fit into a mk1 punto without the headrests. Cheers
  2. J

    forge dump valve

    has anyonr fitted a forge dump valve to their MG ZT 1.8T 160 if so how easy is it and i know with it being a low pressure turbo, does this make it sound a bit daft being on a mg. before this car i had a highly modified scooby turbo with a twin port dump valve on it which suited the car...
  3. J

    too high rpm on idle..

    no warnng lights on at all, starts first time everytime wether its hot or cold, also drives with no problems at all and no hestitation on the throttle as well. only want to get it sorted as i am swapping cars later on this month with my mum so she wonders if it is right or not..
  4. J

    too high rpm on idle..

    My 54 plate MG ZR 160 vvc is idling too high i think, it currently sits at around 2 thousand rpm even when the engine is warmed up. not had it too long after my impreza turbo died and not had a N/A car for a long time . I was thinking it could be the idle valve that is playing up but not...

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