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    What is the best tyre manufacturer?

    Bridgestone RE050's (previously SO3's) :D
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    Ideas wanted for the best supercar to live with

    Ferrari no question.... The F40... the ultimate race car for the road ever, no carpet, no stereo, perspex windows, one of only two twin turbo'd Ferrari's, 20 odd yrs old now and still the best Ferrari ever built... LM GTE... :twisted:
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    Skyline Modifications

    Hey Waynne, thanks for the welcome... Yeah, mostly engine mods, JUN 2.7 stroker kit and all associated parts, as I only really track the car, not much visable from the outside... 8)
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    Skyline Modifications

    The mods on Skylines are virtually endless... Firstly they're not all 4wd, that's only the GT-R's, the GT-S's are all 2wd, also the GT-R's aren't permanent 4wd... In normal driving conditions the car is rwd, the ATESSA E-TS PRO is Nissans 4WD system which decides how much torque and when to...

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