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    Swift 1.3GTi

    Yeah, I had the head ported and polished.
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    My Starlet

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    Swift 1.3GTi

    Alot can be done to the Swift GTi, trust me, I owned one.
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    What are the best spark plugs?

    Halo plugs:
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    Do you ALWAYS use your indicators?

    I'll indicate when there are other cars on the road around me, but generally don't if I'm the only car only the road.
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    What is Torque and BHP?

    Torque is what pushes you back into the seat in a rapidly accelerating car. BHP is the power the engine can achive for a moment, i.e. you might have 500bhp, but it's at 6000rpm. It's also worth noting that brake horsepower is the figure you get without the loss in power caused by the...
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    Ebay USA $330 (inc. shipping) > £174
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    carbs & turbo??

    The Renault 5 GTT was a carb'd turbo engine
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    chipping a 1999 1.5ils vtec

    I had a Unichip fitted to my Swift. Click for the graph. That was on a 1.3 with intake and exhaust mods. I supplied the unit, fitting and mapping was £280 @ TDI in Essex. You should have an overall power figure to aim for...
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    chipping a 1999 1.5ils vtec

    What, in your opinion, would be considered a "decent power/torque gain"?
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    elo allllllllllll :)

    Welcome to the forum.
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    I'm confused.
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    Hi to yu all!

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    Power Boost valves

    The "Power Boost Valve" is just a flashy name for a fuel pressure regulator, they all work in the same way, no matter which brand you buy. I have one fitted to the GT, but it was there when I bought it so I can't say how much of an effect it had.
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    NOS on a 924. How much boost?

    There are 18 pages of info here
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    Painting plastic seals?

    They could be high build primed, then flatted down to a smooth finish before painting. That's a hell of a lot easier than sitting there for hours rubbing down lumps of plastic. I think there are several clips holding them on. You might have to slide each trim forward to release them, but I'm...
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    Hi Everybody

    Welcome to the forum. Your project sounds, erm.. interesting, good luck with it.
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    Painting plastic seals?

    Bumpstrips. It'll be alot easier to buy another set, paint them and then fit them, rather than mask the original ones and paint them on the car, but if cost is an issue, the latter will be ok. Is it going to be a DIY job?
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    Newbies Say Hello

    Hello everyone, welcome to the site, enjoy your stay, you get the message... :wink:
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    Swift GL Engine upgread help

    Buy a GTi engine > drop in GTi engine > tune GTi engine :wink:
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    Painting plastic seals?

    Do you mean the weatherstrips, at the bottom of the windows ect.? I wouldn't paint them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you are using a solvent based paint, it could eat into the rubber and cause sealing issues. Secondly, I don't know if you could get the paint to stick to the rubber...
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    basic tuning

    An intake filter will give you a roar at wide open throttle, whereas an aftermarket backbox will change the exhaust note.
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    Which Gauges are the most useful?

    Boost, oil temp/pressure and AFR (possibly EGT too)
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    Please explain crossovers.

    Click That should explain it.
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    Crappy Start to the Weekend (With Pics)

    Oh. Unlucky chap. In the first pic it looks like they've just scuffed the plastic trim and scraped the door a bit, but the second pic... oh.
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    What is the best tyre manufacturer?

    Currently I have Yoki A539's on the GT and they do a pretty good job, but, if I were to pick my ideal tyre, it'd be: Toyo Proxes R888 I don't think people realise quite how important tyre choice is. IMO tyres are one of the most important things on a car, afterall, they're the only...
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    My VTR - Update (56k Stay Back!)

    Looks good, I'm loving the dark wheels on green effect. Nice one.
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    Neon Lights*

    I don't make the laws :roll:
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    General engine tuning tips (VERY General)

    Low weight and high power are the most essential things for a fast car. Keep the inlet air as cool as you can.
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    Underdrive Pulleys

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    Underdrive Pulleys

    You can buy a lightweight pully set, there's no difference in size so it won't underdrive. Or you could get the standard ones lightened.
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    How many different LOOKS of car are there & describe the

    Re: How many different LOOKS of car are there & describe Tuner Ricer
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    My Swift is up for sale

    Nope, got a guy coming to view it at the weekend.
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    Products, Rated/Hated

    I had one on the Swift. It soon got taken off.
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    Respraying a car.

    Most (if not all) bodyshops use a waterbased basecoat. Laws were revised a couple of years ago, limiting the amount of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) released into the environment. Alot of the 'paints' you listed are effects. Check here
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    Respraying a car.

    Nope. The only way you'd get a fairly respectable finish is by using a compressor and spray gun, but there are many variables, including: temperature, air pressure, paint viscosity, what type of gun setup you use, what type of thinner you use, user ability, etc... The only thing I'd be...
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    Respraying a car.

    Firstly, I'd say prep is 65%, painting is 25% and flatting/polishing is 10%. I don't think this is a good idea. The materials you'd need for a proper job are illegal to spray without a filtered booth. I have never used acrylic paint, all I use is base/clear. The hardener in the clearcoat is...
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    Bought a GT

    When in low boost mode, I think when the button is pressed, the ECU tells the actuator to hold the wastegate closed for a little longer thereby allowing a bit more exhaust to spin the turbine, creating a bit more boost. The actuator/wastegate is the thing that has overall control of regulating...
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    What is the best car to tune?

    It's French.
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    Bought a GT

    Yeah, the greenstuff pads were on the car when I bought it. The guy mentioned a strengthened bottom end, but who knows. I've just read that the standard internals can handle up to 250hp with correct tuning. It's got a pretty good spec considering it's 15 years old. Air con, electric...

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