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    Supercharging a old VW

    Hello all, Sorry for a long post, thought it best to give a detailed explanation to my questions :) so here is my setup. - I have a 1986 MK1 Golf GTI with its original DX Engine, Bosh K-Jetronic 1.8 8V. I love the engine, I am a fiddler, and tinkering on the car throwing money at it (down the...
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    Hello all Just signed up, i have a 1.8 8v K-Jetronic MK1 Golf GTI. After keeping my eyes peeled for a Magnacharger bolt-on supercharger (AKA rocking horse poo) i have given up hope of getting one at a decent price so came here to start looking into how I can make my own so need some advice on...

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