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  1. HugoBoss

    Hi there

    Some friendly T.C rivalry could be interesting.
  2. HugoBoss

    New GTX 6182 billet wheel

    Ouch, sorry bout that matey...
  3. HugoBoss

    ''tuning program''

    And now we'll never know...
  4. HugoBoss

    Hi from scotland

    Really really really nice...
  5. HugoBoss


    Great to have you, welcome to T.C.
  6. HugoBoss

    Hello guys

    Crazy unmedicated car nuts, welcome to T.C
  7. HugoBoss

    Hello :)

    Good to have you matey...
  8. HugoBoss

    New Member 1

    Welcome to da newbies good to have you...
  9. HugoBoss

    a few questions

    Smashing to have you matey,,, welcome.
  10. HugoBoss


    Welcome welcome welcome....
  11. HugoBoss


    Welcome to T.C matey great to have you.
  12. HugoBoss


    Good to have you on T.C matey...
  13. HugoBoss

    Realistic Car Drawings

    Still a big fan matey, awesome work...
  14. HugoBoss

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    You becoming a pro on that machine now O.G looks good.
  15. HugoBoss

    Can a Toyota MR2 2000+ last until 300k miles?

    Just get one in good nick service it properly and regularly, drive it properly and you'll be fine. Seen a lot of MR2 's for sale here in Ozzy with well over 250 000 k's and all in running order.
  16. HugoBoss


    Good to have you matey welcome to TC.
  17. HugoBoss

    Realistic Car Drawings

    Thanks buddy you rock and you know it...
  18. HugoBoss

    Realistic Car Drawings

    That is fantastic great work man, can stare at your work for hours...
  19. HugoBoss

    supercharged 2004 MG TF 160

    Welcome to T.C matey...
  20. HugoBoss

    chop top mk2

    :love::love::love: Sigh.......
  21. HugoBoss

    Things you do for your kids

    I'll be waiting for you O.G...
  22. HugoBoss

    Hot 944 again, again!

    Best of luck to ya buddy, phodies please...
  23. HugoBoss

    induction kit/panel air filter for civic 1.6 vtec sport

    Induction kits only really start to shine when the engine starts to need more air like when fitting bigger turbo's and pistons and cams etc etc.
  24. HugoBoss

    New member

    Welcome to T.C matey good to have you.
  25. HugoBoss

    New member

    You have great taste...
  26. HugoBoss

    Hello I'm a newbie!

    Welcome to T.C matey, the only chips they like around here are cooked in oil buddy, better of with a remap.
  27. HugoBoss

    What's the next problem going to be?

    Nah it's too late for him his legs would fall of.....
  28. HugoBoss

    Oops Ive done it again...........

    Just go with the higher power option, having it there will ease the mind, running short in the future may cause irrepable mental disfunction and you may end up a lunatic for life...
  29. HugoBoss

    hello from nc

    Phodies bitches phodies welcome to T.C ya all...
  30. HugoBoss

    warning light help

    It means the rockets are now active and ready to be fired...
  31. HugoBoss

    Oops Ive done it again...........

    Can't wait for that, good on ya buddy...
  32. HugoBoss

    New toy, a GTR

    Snif snif..........
  33. HugoBoss


    Welcome to T.C matey good to have you.
  34. HugoBoss

    my 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo

    Still can't believe how new she looks fantastic...
  35. HugoBoss

    "The Next One" - Handcrafted Mid-Engine Sports Car

    Still a fan mate keep it coming.
  36. HugoBoss

    When I win Lotto/Pools in my garage

    I'd have different cars but would probably do the same, wouldn't it be nice,LOL.
  37. HugoBoss

    Modded engine with poor results

    What O.G says makes a lot of sense, increasing power on a naturally aspirated car has always been very very hard and costs a fortune, that's why most people stick to turbo's, a lot easier and cheaper. I don't know now but about 5 years ago the average was about R1000 a kilowatt to increase power...
  38. HugoBoss

    Modded engine with poor results

    Yea sorry to hear the disappointment buddy, you'll have to find a better tuner to help you look it over back to front, did you do your homework on the chip? Always better to go for a stand alone system and use a respectable tuner, lot's more expensive but at least results are guaranteed.
  39. HugoBoss

    When kids borrow your car

    Unless an experienced racer I don't see borrowing a youngster such a powerful car to make sense in any way. Kids will be kids.

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