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    Does anyone know if mirrors from a 1998 3 door civic would fit a 1998 5 door civic?
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    Engine help

    well i may be getting a 2.2 Vtec Prelude which has broken crank shaft so real question would be - could a SOHC D16Z6 crank shaft fit in to a either F22 or H22 DOHC?
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    Engine help

    Does anyone know if a SOHC head will fit onto a DOHC bottom end?
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    Help Erratic Idle

    Have managed to sort this problem, it was down to the dizzy being about a degree out and a slight split in one of the vacuum hoses. Still have slight problem of over idling when no lights and heater ona nd under idling when there on lol Thanks those that advised on possible causes
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    Help Erratic Idle

    Hey everyone, right i've had this problem for about a year now. All started when the wading inside my old backbox fell apart and blocked the exhaust causing it the gases to come back into the cat and engine. During the time of limping home, gettin overtaken on hills by lorries, the idle once...

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