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    Car Insurance 2011

    Thank you very much, kind sir :-)
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    Difference between an experienced driver

    This. A thousand times: this. Too many people drive staring at the back of the car in front of them and nothing else, so they have no idea when that car is likely to brake or change direction. It's related, but I think the ability to gauge the speed of oncoming traffic is a big one too; that...
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    Car Insurance 2011

    I was paying £850 last year. Then I moved back in with my parents last week and had my policy cancelled as a result (they "don't insure in [my] new area"). Now can't get a quote for less than £2500 TPFT. Sure it's a different car (last one was written off - a non-faulter, but surely adds to the...
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    Car Insurance 2011

    Got a link to the original article by any chance? Or was it on that paper stuff my dad used to read? :-D
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    Will 2011 be a good year

    Personally, it's going to cause problems for me insurance wise I think. I paid £850 TPFT last year. My Celica has just been written off (non-fault!); I've just moved house and had my insurance cancelled as a result (they "don't insure in [my] new area"). Cheapest quote I can find now is £2500...
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    I'm baaaack :-D

    Thank you! Anyone have suggestions for mods of any kind? I haven't decided on a budget yet, but let's say I had £1k to spend total.
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    I'm baaaack :-D

    Whoopsy! I forgot I could host my images here! Here ya go: Aint she a beaut? :-D Thank you both for the warm welcome back! I've been so damn busy, I haven't been on any forums at all. Now... what to tune, what to tune...
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    I'm baaaack :-D

    Hey guys. Long time no see! I've had the busiest year of my life - but also the best. I've got myself a new job, a new girl and yesterday, I got this: *EDIT: fixed the image* 2000, 140bhp, 125lb-ft, 127mph. A slight step up from the 1.4 8v Fabia, I feel :-D You may be seeing a little more...
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    I love Autoglym

    We will indeed! Do you work for a company or are you freelance? I'll definately be sure to get myself a good alarm and immobiliser. It's close to the top of my list :-) Yeah... I had wondered about a 16v. I've heard that the 8v's are a bit nicer for every day driving. That's important to me...
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    I love Autoglym

    Oopsy... I haven't been around in a while. To answer your question: erm... It's about the same :embarrest: Rather than start a new thread, I'll just explain here where I've been, what I've been doing and what I will be doing. I got a new job a couple of months back as a Web Developer. I'm...
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    Evo Vs Impreza

    I prefer the Evo I think... I'm a big fan of hatches - but I don't like the Impreza all that much in the looks department. I also like the sounds of the Evo in the handling dept. I would have liked to of seen a time for the more powerful Evo that they tested :-P
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    Car sizes vs Drivers Size.

    191cm is about 6'3'', mate. There's 12 inches in a foot, rather than 10. Easy mistake to make if you're not used to imperial :-)
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    New series of Top Gear starts 22nd of June!

    For me: I don't think it's got anything to do with Alan Carr being gay really. It's just that his voice is annoying :-P
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    What was the first time you drove a car?

    My first ever drive was in an old peugeot that belonged to a friend of mine when I was about 14. I don't remember what model it was unfortunately... When I turned 17 I started learning in a 1.6 Focus, then I switched instructors because the first one was always cancelling lessons and being...
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    Brake pads: Budget Vs Performance

    Well... I start my new job on Monday. A month from then: I shal be very slightly happier ;-) I was thinking about treating myself to some nice brake pads. I've got basic Halfords ones on at the moment (all I could afford), and after relitively firm braking for just a few corners they get hot...
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    Car sizes vs Drivers Size.

    I'm 6'5 and fit in my Fabia with no problems. No-one can fit behind me though. Unless they have no legs. God bless Skoda for realising that some people are tall and don't often have passengers. It annoys me that in some cars the driver's seat won't go closer than half a foot away from the seat...
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    How do you stay alert?

    I tend to have non-soothing music on, open a window, drink something like Red Bull. I also pretend I'm being followed by someone who wants to kill me, so I'm always ready to take an un-expected turn :-P I've done this ever since I heard that they call looking over your shoulder before...
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    What fuel do you use?

    Because my car isn't highly tuned (or even tuned at all for that matter): I tend to use regular unleaded from whichever station is closest when my fuel light comes on. I filled up with Shell V-Power 5 or 6 times in a row back when I was feeling a bit plush and I can't say I noticed any...
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    What is the best day for driving?

    6am Sunday morning :-) One of the best drives I've ever had was setting off from Middlesbrough at 5.30am on a Sunday morning and driving to Bradford. The A168 is a lovely road for driving fast. It runs parallel to the A1(M). Even during the day there isn't much traffic - because it's all on...
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    What effect does music have on your driving?

    I agree! I never feel quite so aggressive as when I hear hip hop or rap music! :lol: Sorry... I'm a rocker at heart. I do like a lot of dancy / trancy type stuff too, though. And a lot of old classic pop songs. Oh and classical. And some country and western. And techno. And jazz. And... Ok, I...
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    New series of Top Gear starts 22nd of June!

    That's why I use: gPHPEdit :-D Runs your code through php-cli when you hit F9, and jumps the cursor to where the error is. Absolute magic! :-P Hurrah for Top Gear and hurrah for gPHPEdit!
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    What effect does music have on your driving?

    I've taken to driving around playing the old Power Rangers theme tune really loud. It does put me into a rather playful mood, it has to be said. I definitely agree that music can effect your driving. There's a song I have on my car stereo by a band called "The Hellecasters" that starts off...
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    New series of Top Gear starts 22nd of June!

    Thank you :-) My main language is PHP w/MySQL. I dabble in JavaScript, Bash, C and the occasional bit of VBScript too. I'm not freelance - but I have done a few little projects for people in the past to tide me over. The net is a lot faster at this time. I always get close to my full 4mbit at...
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    New series of Top Gear starts 22nd of June!

    Thanks :-) Yes. God bless Iplayer! And wow... I didn't expect anyone else to be up at 4.30am! You work with computers right? Hehe. I don't know what it is about working with computers that makes me stay up late... But I know I'm not the only one! As of the 23rd, I'm a Web Applications...
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    New series of Top Gear starts 22nd of June!

    Well, it looks like it was true! The new series of Top Gear starts on Sunday the 22nd of June, at 8pm on BBC2. The end of this video says "This sunday" without giving a date... But the radio times confirms it as the 22nd :)...
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    Are We Just Getting Too Lazy

    Unfortunately for me there's no ABS on the 2001 Classic Fabia 1.4 8v. No computer either. Oh well. I'm pretty sure the 16v version has ABS though :)
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    BHP: On The Fly vs At The Wheels

    While I don't know how it's calculated, I did find a little JavaScript calculator that works it out for you: I'd look through the sourcecode to see how it's calculated... But it's 3am and I really can't be bothered :-P
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    Are We Just Getting Too Lazy

    Well, from this list, my Fabia has: Power steering. That's it. I think ABS is the main thing I would want from the list, but I am grateful that I've learnt to drive without it :-)
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    I think I'd be relatively sensible to be honest... All depending on how much I'd won of course... Assuming 1 million: I'd get a Fabia VRS and a few mods and a Triumph Stag and / or an old VW Beetle to do up. I'd be tempted to get a properly quick car too, but I'd only end up loosing my license...
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    Plain clothed police cars.

    It seems to be Vectras and Astras around here for the most part. There is a MARKED Impreza WRX STi that looks pretty cool too. If it's in my rear view mirror I look at how many people are in the car first of all. If there's only one person then chances are: it's not an unmarked car. According...
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    Define the perfect sleeper.

    Re: Square Number Plates Old VW beetle, rat look... HEMI :-D Am I a little too obsessed with those rather glorious V8s? Yes? Oh :( There's a place called P&L minis that do a conversion on old minis that (amongst other things like new breaks, suspension and transmission) includes a 1.6l...
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    Do sports exhausts /mods reduce the cars value?

    This is part of the reason I'm not doing any major mods on my car (The other reason being money :-P ) I only intend to keep it for another year or so, and want to get as much as I can for it so I can afford something I want to keep for a long time. Then I will modify that one ;-)
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    New Top Gear "character"?

    It might be less than you think... I've heard June 22nd as a rumored start date for the new series :-) It is only rumored, mind!
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    New Top Gear "character"?

    I've just spotted two articles on the Top Gear website that mention a new character for the upcoming 11th series... The first one says: "we came up with a...
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    I love Autoglym

    It's a sunny day, and I decided to wash my car. Autoglym is brilliant stuff... I had to take a picture Click the photo for a full sized view So the question is: which car shampoo and polish do you use? :-) **EDIT** Seeing as someone is bound to ask: the car behind it is a Citroen C5 estate
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    Driving Laws and other driving bits and bobs

    Indeedy. It is very discresionary. If you get an officer at the end of their shift waiting to go home - you might be VERY lucky. Someone I know got pulled over for doing 55 in a 30 limit and got let off with a warning. The warning was along the lines of "I really can't be bothered with this when...
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    Do car noises matter to you?

    I've been looking at a slightly easier way to do it. Admittedly: I've not put a LOT of effort into it :-P I figured it would be easier to take a reading from the fly-by-wire throttle than from the ECU. Knowing me I'd just retrofit a linear potentiometer under the peddle, feed it into a ADC...
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    Warning lights - what would you do?

    I have to admit: I don't carry extra oil... I only just afford the petrol at the moment, nevermind spare bottles of oil aswell ;-) For me: I think I would pull over, turn the engine off, wait a minute or two and then turn it back on again and see if it went out. Then if it didn't: I'd cry...
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    Cars contents don't corner so well?

    I think the third law is "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"... The first law is more likely, I think :/ Rather than attempt to give my own explaination of newton's first law I'll just lift a defenition from elsewhere :-P "A physical body will remain at rest, or continue...
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    If small wheels were faster...

    With all due respect: I thought it pretty relevent when I wrote it :/ I figured a bit of maths / physics behind why small wheels might provide better acceleration in a thread about how small wheels might actually be better was pretty relevent :( I don't really see how it's arbitrary either, to...

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