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    Audi 140 to 170 turbo conversion help needed.

    Hi, Thank you for the information, the other thing I read was the issues with the oil pump system and the hexagon key drive. I wonder if you know anything about the option of using an oil pump off the TDi engine. Do you just remove the whole of the original pump throw it away and replace it with...
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    Audi 140 to 170 turbo conversion help needed.

    I'm looking for some information about which turbo to buy to upgrade my audi a6 2.0tdi from a 140 to 170 turbo. My engine is a 140 2.0 PD BRE engine. I need to know the part number of the 170 turbo for my upgrade. Thanks
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    Hello from Cannock UK

    Hi Guys, Just a quick message to say hello, I've had my Audi A6 Avant 2.0TDi for 10 years and have just decided to spend a bit on it to upgrade the performance a bit. Came across this forum and found it interesting, hopefully i'll find help here Cheers

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