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    Radio removal for 2002 Accord Saloon

    I searched the internet and found a radio removal guide which turned out to be not completely accurate. I want to swap the standard radio for my Alpine head unit. I removed the dash cover (removing the three screws at the top and unclipping the bottom etc.) I removed four of the black screws...
  2. J

    Constant Speed Related Drone/Hum

    Guys My Honda Accord Vtec 2002 has been off the road all summer whilst the Elise was being used. Now its back on the road and there's a constant hum coming from the front. Its wheel speed related, not engine speed (its still there if you dip the clutch or knock it out of gear.) At 60mph it...
  3. J

    MIL warning

    Many thanks. Will book it in tomorrow. :) Due anyway.
  4. J

    MIL warning

    Not been serviced for nearly a year, due soon :embarrest: I just use any old petrol - its a work hack.
  5. J

    MIL warning

    My MIL has just come on and now limits me to 3000 RPM. I know it could be lots of things but it was working fine before. I was driving to work then suddenly the MIL shows up and limits my revs. Bit strange how it happened whilst driving along. Any suggestions? Does it need to be a Honda...

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