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    Please participate in reliability survey

    Thanks. Every person/car helps.
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    Project GT1600 (aka The Reaper)

    I will be keeping an eye on your project too! Looking forward to seeing more updates. Good Luck! P.S. I have a project of my own that I hope to get started on in the next few months. But, until then, its a secret!!!!:grin:
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    The Mad R Wog

    Wow. Never seen on one of these. Holden seems to be doing several platforms for cars here in the states. I love that color. I want to paint my next project that color. Nice job!
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    Back in a mk2 Golf at last!

    Very clean and I really liked the original color. Pretty unusual.
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    1991 Dodge Stealth ES

    Thanks Wayne. I tend to keep all my vehicles for a long time. My 1995 GMC Yukon 4x4 is in just as good condition (my wife drives it every day and won't give it up). I just sold my 1998 Lincoln Continental to a friend and it too is immaculate. Some say I am crazy for buying all my vehicles new...
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    Hello All

    Sharp looking car. Got any pictures?
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    1991 Dodge Stealth ES

    I had made some references to my other vehicle, a 1991 Dodge Stealth ES. I bought this car new when I graduated from college. I have made the following mods: Cold Air Intake 3SX Performance Headers and High Flow CConverter 3SX Performance CV joints KYB sport struts Addco Sway Bars Moog...
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    Once you get bit by the tuning bug, you are hooked for life. Good luck and keep us posted on your direction and progress.
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    Great car to modify. Lots of support. Welcome.
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    Would love to see some pictures. Welcome.
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    Hi. Got any photos and stats?
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    Please post some pics. Not sure I have ever seen one.
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    Please participate in reliability survey

    I would greatly appreciate if members would participate in the true delta survey site. It gives all of us a resource for car reliability and your input would be greatly appreciated. It will only take a few minutes of your valuable time.
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    Quantum of Solice Alfa, what are they?

    The reason I speculated Alfa was sponsoring this movie was because not only the bad guys were driving Alfa, but so were the police. Way too many of the same brand in a movie to be coincidence IMO. I agree on the low power car can be competitive in the twistys. I took my stealth into the hill...
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    Project GT1600 (aka The Reaper)

    Gotta love gettting new parts. Just like Christmas only you actually get what you really wanted!!! Very nice!:lol:
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    What is the oldest car on your street?

    I guess it would have to be my 1991 Dodge Stealth ES!!!! Most of the cars on my block are pretty new.
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    Quantum of Solice Alfa, what are they?

    Did a little research after your help. Has a 260hp V6 and is rumored to be the first Alfa to be introduced into the Americas since the 164, which only sold 500 cars total!!! Surely movies could be made with some realism. A slew of M3's or C63's giving chase would have made for a much more...
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    Quantum of Solice Alfa, what are they?

    Just was wondering what Alfas they use in the James Bond movie, do they really have DBS performance, and can you enlighten one of us state side car nuts?
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    Subaru has a great reputation for bulletproof engines. Should be a good basis for boosting power. Reliability should not be an issue. Welcome and if the rednecks give you any more trouble, just send them my way. Us Texans know how to deal with the likes of them!!!!
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    just saying hello

    Not a lot of Audi's on the road. Pretty exclusive. Even fewer diesels here in the states. What year is it? Welcome. Lots of helpful car owners here. Welcome!!!!
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    A Corsa, hey? It is amazing the number of cars on this site that I have never seen or heard. Us Americans lead a sheltered life!!!:embarrest: What do you have planned for it?
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    Belated Hello!!

    Welcome. Hondas have alot of support here in the states. No limit to the mods and kits available. Bulletproof engines!!! Probably cheaper\:lol:easier to work on than the Jag too!
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    Welcome. I wish I knew more about Astras but we don't get many of these on my side of the pond. But, I am always willing to learn. Just remember to wash them before you eat!:blink:
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    Is it new or a classic? Please, tell us more and welcome.
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    Project GT1600 (aka The Reaper)

    I always have liked black. It is a classic color. I live in a very hot city so black is not a good color for where I live. As for the interior, I would probably stick with black. Save you some coin and make masking easier. I am a monchrome kind of guy anyway.
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    Project GT1600 (aka The Reaper)

    Looks like a fun project. Should be a blast to drive once you are done. Is it going to stay the same color or are you going back with a different one on the body?
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    W8 gets a new reg :)

    Actually, I was talking about one of my other cars. A 1991 Dodge Stealth ES (I think you call them GTO's in Europe). I guess I should post some photos of it too. I already have a lot of money tied up in it and sinking more into it is a losing proposition. They are still fairly inexpensive here...
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome. Hope to see pictures soon. What are your plans for the Honda? Lots of aftermarket support for the Civic. Should make things a lot easier.
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    W8 gets a new reg :)

    Thanks for the feedback. I have been considering doing the same with my car but have been hesitant for a couple of reasons. One, they are not cheap and two, it would have been primarily for appearance. My car sits way too high relative to the tires for my liking. It handles well already and so...
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    W8 gets a new reg :)

    It looks like it is definately sitting lower, at least an inch, I would guess. I have been thinking about doing the same thing with my Stealth. It sits WAY too high on its KYB struts. Can you tell us the differences it has made? Is it stiffer? The same, just lower? Has the handling improved...
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    Looking for LSD's and SuperCharger solutions for E Class

    I found a company called AutoTech out of California that has the Quaife unit for US$1400. I have not checked on shipping costs. It sells for less in the UK. About $1100 equivelant, so I am still shopping. Not convinced that with VAT and shipping, this would save me any money or hassle. I...
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    Looking for LSD's and SuperCharger solutions for E Class

    Well, my search continues and I contacted EvoSport out of Huntington Beach, CA. They say the the Quaife for the E55 and E63 will fit in my car. The price is US$1789.00 with a one year warranty. I am confident that I can get it installed with little concern of voiding parts of my warranty. I...
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    My E class with AMG P2 package

    Thanks for the kind words. You probably see a lot more of these on your side of the world. I hear that most serve as taxis in your neck of the woods. Thanks to you too Wayne. Here are some stats. Don't think they are any different from the European versions, but I could be wrong...
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    Few new pics of the S14

    Oops.:embarrest: I meant you. Can you give me more info. I am hoping to learn more. Thanks.
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    Merc makeover

    I actually did not find this car with that link but did stumble of a photo of a CL Convertible. Great idea but it does not look like they had figured out how to hide the top when it is down.
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    Looking for LSD's and SuperCharger solutions for E Class

    Well, I did some research and Rotrex does BMW's all day long but nothing for Mercedes. I checked on another company, Auburn Gear and they also do not provide for Mercedes. I throw this last company name in for those looking for American Car LSD solutions. They do have just about everything for...
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    Few new pics of the S14

    Wayne, I did not see a photo of the rear of the car but I am guessing this is a mid 1990 Nissan 240sx? You have to excuse me, I am not as familiar with imports as I am with American muscle cars, but I am learning. What makes it more difficult is that what the car is called over here is not the...
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    Musclecar day [Drag - Iceland]

    I feel at home on this link. Gotta love American Muscle!!! No confusion over whats what!!!
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    My new runabout (Shiny Alfa Inside)

    Very nice looking car. I don't get to see many Alfa Romeo's here in the states. Very sporty looking, great color and the proportions are very well balanced. I am guessing around 150HP for the 1.9liter?
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    A quite quick estate car (Stagea)

    What a sleeper. We don't see a lot of wagons here in the states. British racing green is pretty rare too. You must catch a lot of cars flat footed. Keep us posted on your mods. Always a good read!

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