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    My '04 Getz Sport 1.6 16v

    It seems to sound alright, but yea I'll try that to see how it sounds
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    My '04 Getz Sport 1.6 16v

    I've fitted a very modest install into the boot of the Getz, plenty of bass for me :)
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    My '04 Getz Sport 1.6 16v

    I'm afraid not buddy. All has been quiet. Currently saving to get a Terraclean service done on it, hopefully get it done next week.
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    My '04 Getz Sport 1.6 16v

    Finally got around to replacing the damaged heater vent today, an absolute pig of a job to do!!
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    My '04 Getz Sport 1.6 16v

    I thought I'd start a project thread, although it won't be the conventional project thread as progress will be slow. So onto the car, it's my daily driver, a 2004 Hyundai Getz Sport 1.6 16v, as found in the UK, possibly elsewhere in the world, some go under the model name of Hyundai Click. The...
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    Hello from Northern Ireland

    First thing I did when I got the car was a full service - great minds think alike! lol! The car had been fitted with a K&N panel filter and looked clean, so I left it as is. It had also been fitted (as mentioned on another thread) with what the previous owner called, a "turbo fan" which was...
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    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome. The car is a daily driver. Plans, really they're only to tidy it up and to try and squeeze whatever power from it that I can. It's never going to set the roads on fire without serious money being thrown at it, but that's a luxury I don't have, so anything...
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    Opel Calibra V6

    It was a Vectra B SRi I had with the x25xe version of that engine, it was a beast!
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    Corsa C stereo upgrade

    Worst case scenario, if your still struggling, unscrew the four screws holding the glove box in place, then you can get easy access to the rear of the stereo and you can reach the wires and pull them down in
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    just finished ma boot build

    Nice work!
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    Corsa B Kid

    What model/engine is your Corsa? I've had a few B's myself, one of which was an SRi model. A wee 1.4 8v which was quicker than the 1.4 16v sport that came after it!
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    Olley's E30 project thread.

    E30's rule!! I had two myself in the past, a 318iS, the one with the 140bhp 1.8 16v engine, great wee car until the timing chain slipped!! So I replaced it with a 325i SE it was a fantastic car but unfortunately the old tin worm got the better of it!! Sold it off for parts in order to get me...
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    ECU questions

    No probs buddy ;)
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    2001 206 GTI 138 project

    Sounded well on the RR vid you posted earlier :)
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    Insignia Sri.

    A friend and former work colleague of mine had a VXR one of these, fitted a full piper exhaust system which gave it a hell of a bark!! Very refined from inside though, you'd never know the power it had unless you looked down at the speedo lol
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    My R33 GTR

    This thing is gorgeous!! Would love one but alas they will be out of my financial reach :(
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    Opel Calibra V6

    I love these!! I had a Vectra with the same v6 engine, superb noise from them and not bad on the fuel!
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    The MG ZR

    There's something about these cars that I love. Had a 1.4 one myself and found it to be as dead as a door nail, but did handle nice!
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    Hyundai mods

    Can't see the car fella :(
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    ECU questions

    Fair enough. Tough to illustrate my point, but I know what your saying.
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    ECU questions

    A bit of pipe with a twist and a few cuts in it? I can't see how it improves power!! I think the previous owner of my car must have believed in the same nonsense as he had fitted a fan into the air box of my Getz. First thing I did was remove it as I believe it was causing more obstruction...
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    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Hello there! Whilst searching for ideas on how to get more power from my wee Getz it suggested this forum, so I thought I'd sign up. I took ownership of a 2004 Hyundai Getz Sport 1.6 16v just before Christmas. It's standard (bar the factory extras such as the bodykit, tints, and...

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