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    My SWR ST190 Fezz

    The stickers are a bit much yes, but it's mostly advertising for our club. People see the URL, and hopefully sign up.
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    my wrx sti

    Awesome, My favourite colour.
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    My SWR ST190 Fezz

    When I just got her: After playing around with white GT stripes first, I settled for these custom Matt Silver ones: Fitted a MotorCade CAI kit: Then some engine bay bling: And I Colour coded the inside of the headlights Matt Black: Then tinted the rear lights...
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    Fiesta ST MAP Sensor

    Thanks, I need to locate the damn thing 1st, then figure out how to remove it. I know it's behind the TB on the intake manifold, but yes, I dont want to gop disconnecting the wrong stuff. The Fezz doesnt have a MAF. Thx for the reply.
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    Fiesta ST MAP Sensor

    Hi Guys, How do I remove and clean the map sensor on my ST. It's suffering from a lumpy idle at cold start. Sounds like it's running on 3 cylinders for the 1st minute or so. I have cleaned the TB, replaced spark plugs and leads, check AFR's. MAP sensor next then O2 sensors, any advice?
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    Lowering an ST Fiesta

    What springs did you get? I've got the H&R's on mine.
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    My ST and my old KA.

    No worries, i'm just an avid Fiesta fan and tend to get on my high horse when people say negative things about them. Stock they make about 70bhp. :D
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    My ST and my old KA.

    Where do you see 170 in the Ka, the red ST has 180 and the Blue one 170. Get your fact straight.:confused:
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    Another newbie from NZ just got his GTO

    Re: Another newbie from NZ Welcome mate. Congrats on having the 2nd best rugby team. :lol:
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    My ST and my old KA.

    Sorry bud, I have to disagree, with a 4-1 Manifold you actually loose torque bottom end, and mid range. Maybe it has a 4-2-1.
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    fiesta st project rocking and rolling(well sort of getting there)

    Like your work. What was going through your mind fitting the cone straight onto the TB????
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    Hey guys..from SA

    Hi All I think I might find myself very lonely one here. Anyways, I have a Ford Fiesta ST150, with a few tweaks. Found this site looking for Cossy parts for my S/C upgrade planned for early next year. Remember, the shiny side stays on top. Drift out...for now.

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