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    Oil leaks

    Brake fluid should be clear or a slight amber colour (guess this is what you mean), if it gets dirt in it then this can darken to a brownish yellow but otherwise its clear.
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    Oil leaks

    I have a leak of somekind, its clear but not really oily. Left a tray overnight with some white paper in it and its definately a clear liquid but has stained the path black underneath :S. Hopefully not brake fluid, all bottle levels are good though.
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    TopGear 12th July

    Well what do you suppose happens to them then?. The amount of cars impounded daily and people not being able to afford to get them back or have the license or legal right to drive them again they have to be crushed just to make room for more impounded cars.
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    Car spotting

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    Guess What I Spotted at the Grocery Store Yesterday

    Seen two brand new 09 skyline GTR's in Cambridge over the last couple of weeks.
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    Back on the road at last. My GTO !

    Want bigger pics!!. From what i can see it all looks lovely.
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    New top gear series coming up

    Actually the steam train is a new one that has recently been built capable of speeds over 100mph. That episode is the one tommorow.
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    Do you have a garage

    Have a garage but cant fit a car in as we turned half of it into another room. I have to leave my car out on the road/path as my parents use the only driveway space we have. My area is really quite though so its fine.
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    What is your next car likely to be

    Id like a civic vtec/jordan or a starlet gt turbo.
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    Who here has a job & what do you do?

    Im training at college to be a mechanic and i work 9-5 in a skateshop on saturdays :D.
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    UK Newbie

    Minus the lexus lights it sounds good.
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    How many near misses per month

    Ive only been driving for 6 months and ive had 2 near misses, one where a woman pulled out on me on a 60 road and one this month where an old guy with a hoover decided to step out into the road. It was a good job id just come off a roundabout and was only doing 20mph.
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    Which Car

    Beats my starlet by point 1 of a second ha.
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    My Glanza

    Dont forget they have the boost button if you want the economy side of the car :D.
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    c2 1.6 gt

    They are nice cars, mate has one and it drives very nice. Go quite well as well.
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    best car

    What about an old golf mk2? Ive always found these to be very nice and was good mates with someone who owned one for ages. Look for the gti model for a bit more oomph.
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    Scrappage scheme just announced

    So we can buy a real cheap car and then scrap it for 2 grand towards a new car?.
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    Will clutchless cars become the norm

    The flappy paddles that change gear really quickly remind me of video games such as grand turismo, one button and youve gone up or down a gear :D.
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    Rotary engines RX7 & 8

    I heard its something like they need a rebuild every 60k miles and thats if there well serviced and looked after.
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    I've just picked up these bad boys :D

    Red and white would look sick, nice wheels.
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    Help a brother out!

    I think he was showing an example of what could possibly be done if you have the time and money to spend. An rx7 with a supra engine would be sweet indeed but these days it would be better just to buy a supra, still it would be a decent project to do.
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    Help a brother out!

    With 17 and a half grand the worlds your oyster mate :D, plenty of cars to choose from if you feel you want to get rid of it. You could get a skyline for less then that.
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    Help a brother out!

    Is it the N/A or turbocharged version?.
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    My Glanza

    So whats the spec on her and what have you done or is she kept pretty much standard?.
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    The scoob's done :) (almost)

    Stunning motor, liking the scooby doo and fu-kin rapid.
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    What is your idea of bad styling

    Around here it seems if you under 20 and you own a saxo or 106 then rear lexus lights are a MUST. Personally i hate them.
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    Allo folks!

    Probably the two worst cars to get for you first car insurence wise, i was looking at both of these cars and insurers were quoting me little below 2 grand even for the 1.1 models. Apparently when i asked why all the insurers seem to have it in there heads that these are boy racer cars and have...
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    My Glanza

    Very nice, looks like its been well looked after. Any pics of under the bonnet?.
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    Have you seen an 2009 plate car yet?

    Across the road my mums friend just bought the brand new fiesta.
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    MrB's skyline RB30/25 gtst

    I havent heard anything bad about the quality of there products, just the way they go about things and as you mentioned the price.
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    MrB's skyline RB30/25 gtst

    Why is it that everyone seems to hate TDI with a passion?.
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    VOSA, you have to see this car

    I already posted this in the car styling section in the your idea of bad styling thread lol. A true disaster, that whole site is full of hilarious, ghastly and sometimes shocking cars.
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    Engine knock = premature ignition

    I dunno, this is what we were taught at college and that it was a very known misconception that they were the same.
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    What was your latest styling part

    Momo gear knob and some nice car mats.
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    Engine knock = premature ignition

    Engine knock is not the same as premature ignition but it is also known as pinking, pinging and detonation. Pre ignition is where the air/fuel mixture ignites before the spark fires where as engine knock is where the air/fuel mixture ignites correctly by spark but a pocket of air/fuel mixture...
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    What is your idea of bad styling

    I think this might fit well here. Edit: Infact this whole site is full of mingers
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    my little monster

    Latest engine bay pictures look yum! *drools*
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    The XM

    I really like this, its different and looks very nice. Good job :D.
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    Silly new driving law

    Ah this is another really silly law thats going to piss people off though, i personally though try to make sure i go to the toilet before i get in my car anyway. This isnt really fair to people with weak bladders though who are driving along a road where theres no stops for miles and it...
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    cars that are nearly perfect from the factory

    I never said they had ''Such good handling'' i was just saying there nowhere near as bad as you make them out to be handling wise and nor did i say that steering ability is based on body roll alone but you were the one who said they had a wobbly ass chassis. Anyway im not trying to argue with...

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