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    Im thinking of getting an Audi R8

    australia car prices are way overboard. a new r8 here costs about au300000 and in england, its like 80000 pounds
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    Which is the best Porsche ever made?

    the porsche carrera GT would be the best porsche ever made. imo it looks better than a 911
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    If you were the Stig what would you drive

    bugatti veyron or koenigsegg ccx/ccxr
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    Ideas wanted for the best supercar to live with

    the best supercar for practicality would be an aston martin v8 vantage, db9, lamborghini gallardo and an audi r8. the lambo is the same length as a ford focus so its easy to find a place to park.
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    My Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

    nice car, dont like the colour of the car but love the artwork. shame it wasnt a gtr r34 v-spec. i have one with 600hp or so
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    My old Honda CRX vt

    whats the 0-60mph?

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