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    How to increase scirocco performance

    not going out of stage 2 bro,but thanks for the advice and i dont think to go for GT30 intercooler just installed and tomorow will be upgrade 2.5'' downpipe to 3'' hopefully there is a improving since the workman told me that my turbo lag is because using 2.5'' =] and dyno last week with...
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    How to increase scirocco performance

    driving a scirocco 2.0,1 year car and modification as : 1. fabspeed exhaust 2.5 2. te37 19'' 3. custom remap stage 2 4. Bmc CAI that day drag with mazda3 mps, lose:blink::blink: anything else can help me to increase my power,currently looking for intercooler. thanks :bigsmile:

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