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    i have standard speakers in my renualt clio and the cable going into the speakers goes into a plastic bit which goes into the speakers. ive got some new speakers with a seperate positvie nd negative does this mean i need an amp? is there anyway around doing it without an amp?
  2. J

    my clio

    i think they work. try when you get home :D
  3. J

    Clio Owners introduce yourselves here.

    i have a clio :D only 1.2 tho but im only 17 so
  4. J

    my clio

    yeah i wont bother spraying it
  5. J

    my clio

    spraying the what? sorry dont no what you mean the black bit below the bumper?
  6. J

    changing my side light bulbs

    yeah i no the only bit it could have landed on hasnt got anything that could be damaged thanks
  7. J

    changing my side light bulbs

    Its annoying little things like that disappear so easily :(
  8. J

    my clio

    i want to get some nice alloys. ive seen a pair i like there wolfrace kendo 16". id like a sub aswell becuase i love music and possibly upgrade my speakers although the standard speakers at really good. but before i can do anything i need to get some money saved up haha. but i like to dream lol
  9. J

    my clio

    This my Clio its a 1.2 16v mk2
  10. J

    changing my side light bulbs

    tried a torch and i dont really wanna take my bumper off i think ill just leave it i got a sidelight bulb in at the moment so its not that bad but there just different colours. Would be nice to know were it is tho little things like this i find annoying
  11. J

    changing my side light bulbs

    and i dropped one and i have a feeling its under my light stuck somewere any ideas?
  12. J

    How many miles?

    4000ish since i passed my test september 1st
  13. J


    you no dartford? in kent
  14. J

    How loud do you play your Music?

    haha might try that
  15. J


    haha na im 17 but i dont wanna get a massive exhaust or any of that i want something that looks nice is comfortable and i can hear music rather then an exhaust banging on
  16. J

    Which is more reckless

    60 in 30 most dangerous 30 while being tired is dangerous 150 in a 70 can be dangerous but if its an open road no one about then youd only harm yourself and passangers
  17. J

    Your worst driving habit

    one handed driving, revving high, loud music, getting angry
  18. J

    How loud do you play your Music?

    haha. if you have it loud ya cant talk tho lol
  19. J


    yeah i will thanks. i want some 16s. after wheels tho i proberly wont do much to it, possibly a sub but thats it really
  20. J


    i got my windows tinted i got a new stereo my standard one broke, put leds in the footwell, xenon headlight bulbs, i wouldnt mind some alloys but i wont do much more to it ill just wait till i got a car with a bigger engine but i want some wheels for it.
  21. J

    Most annoying thing other drivers do

    i hate it when people pull out on you and put there hand up to say thanks when you clearly didnt let them out. or when lorrys coachs buses ect pull out on you just because there a lot bigger
  22. J

    How much time in a car

    id say 2 hours days
  23. J

    Parking where you shouldn't

    its been snowing prity badly lately, and i was in a car park and you couldnt see the floor or the bay lines all you could see was a layer of snow and ice and i parked in a disabled bay and didnt no and i was clamped and had to pay £95 release fee! i cant see how this is my fault as surely it is...
  24. J

    Ken Block and James May (from Top Gear)

    ive seen that his brilliant. would be an experience to be a passenger
  25. J


    hello people ive just joined torque cars. i have a 52 plate clio 1.2 16v. done a few things nothing major. look forward to being here and maybe learning some stuff.
  26. J

    Renault Clio 1.2 Induction Kit noise/general Induction kit noise.

    did you have a panel air filter before? and youve take the air box off did does your bonet shut ok since you got the cone filter?
  27. J

    Clio ICE

    did you ever change your sound system? and if you did what did you get?
  28. J

    Corsa 1.2

    haha can tell your from essexs! you ever go up the strip?
  29. J

    Clio ICE

    i have a clio and i think the speakers are all ready really good. i have sony head unit and plan on gettin a sub soon. but with £500 youll be able to get something really good. my mate spent £500 and got a pioneer head unit with 2 pioneer 6x9s and a 1500w sub (not sure what make his sub and amp are)
  30. J

    How loud do you play your Music?

    if im driving on my own i have it really loud but if i have people with me i tend to it have fairly low because then you can still talk
  31. J

    What was your latest styling part

    ive just got my windows tinted and i hope that next i get some nice alloys
  32. J

    Footwell Neons

    i got blue leds in my footwell theyre not to bright so they look good and dont cover the hole footwell either

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