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    Help with choosing exhaust size ! =D

    i wouldnt go bigger than 2 and a half u gotta remember thats still only a small engine and ur not running a turbo so going to big would just be a waiste u will lose so much back presure all u will make is a really noisy car that runs rich and performs badly choosing exhaust size is very...
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    Hello all, Need to make a monster out of my Mazda 3

    if u read up more about ur engine u will find that its actually a ford engine a duratec look it up on google i think u will find the main big things u want is a good sports exhaust system and propper forged pistons not really any head work needed as its already factory fitted with the bigger...
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    Mazda 3 owners introduce yourself.

    giday buddy i have an 07 mazda 3 sp 23 just watch lowering it to tell u the truth i feel like raiseing mine. my mazda 3 is fitted with 18 in chrome wheels and king springs and all pedders shocks and struts but even still small potholes and bumps in the road are not to forgiveing all i find is i...
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    Great Wall V240

    thanks loz yea im hoping i find some one that knows a little about these engines because there is not much information around about them
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    Great Wall V240

    Hi all, I have a great wall v240 and im after any info and advise as to squeezing that little more out of its Mitsubishi 4G64 2.4L clone engine. I've modified my standard extractors and fitted a high flow cat. It also sports a straight through muffler, I'm pretty sure I went with straight...
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    giday all

    thank u and its a pleasure to be a member here so much useful info here
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    hey all

    hey all im russell or rusty i have a 2007 mazda 3 SP23 iv not done alot to it iv got 18 inch chrome wheels king springs pedders rear shocks and front struts sports exhaust blue led mazda 3 door sills and thats really it i love the car its fairly quick as of standard and performs well love the 6...
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    giday all

    hello all im rusty or Russell wat ever u please im happy to have joined ur forum and hope to lern alot i have a 2007 Mazda3 SP23 and also a 2009 Great wall V240 in which im most interested in lerning wat i can do about its mitsubishi clone engine and if parts are interchangeable between it and...

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