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    exhaust note

    shouldas bin more but i got it at cost price due to going to school with one of the fitters, its a 4.5inch straight cut box
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    exhaust note

    £350? cost me about that for similar work done at my local powerflow spot
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    Subaru owners

    i am a proud owner
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    Newbie!! =] Mazda owner!

    hi nice to meet you, whats the car scene like in NZ?
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    Hiya petrolheads !

    Hi nice to meet you
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    Fuel prices in 2011

    i work in a motorway petrol station and i find it embarrasing sometime at the min our prices are 10p more than off the motorway and our super fuel is 17p more its shocking really it will be well into 1.40+ by easter i think.
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    Dyno Help needed

    Hi i have a 95 import WRX Wagon (automatic) and was at a local rolling road day over this weekend put the car on the rollers but wouldnt lock in 3rd for the run kept kicking down when floored or shifting up so after about 5 go's thew fella gave up and gave me my money back we did find out that...
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    TEG Sport in Carnforth, Lancs are Subaru Guys they are good and can sort you out no probs
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    hi all my name is John i own a 1995 impreza WRX wagon mods: front spats lightweight bonnet tinted windows high level rear spoiler low level rear spoiler PINK STI badge subzero 600w sub old (should really be in a museum but still works great) 1000w amp panasonic CD / MP3 etc headunit SX power...

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