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    Insurance cost for a Corsa VXR

    How much (roughly) would it cost me (19 w/2yrs NCD) to get insured on a Corsa VXR, I have enough for the car but my current insurance company (ingenie) wont even insure me on the car at all. I know it wont be cheap but if I could get it for under 2k ish id be happy to do it. If any of you have...
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    Ford fiesta puma engine conversion

    is it worth it? how much will the full swap cost? Cheers
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    Alloys and insurance

    They are aftermarket, my friend had them on his fiesta, exactly the same as mine but he's had it lowered so they're too big, im 17 so ill give them a ring and ask about it, if they try and rip me off ill just leave it, thanks for replying man :)
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    Alloys and insurance

    I have a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.3, everything on it is original but I want to buy some new alloys for it (not blowing loads of money on it, don't worry) but I don't know whether I have to tell my insurance about it and if so will it put my premiums up? I am currently with the co-op young drivers...
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    How many driving test attempts did you make

    Passed 1st time after 16 lessons, still haven't crashed 4 months in, touch wood!
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    where can I find a rear badge for mk5 fiesta?

    The rear badge on my mk5 fiesta has faded die to the whether, i have looked on ebay but cannot find what im looking for, any help would be much appreciated Cheers, Ash
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    Hi, please help me

    Thanks for all the replies guys, just wondering if i was to buy some 17" alloys would they fit on my fiesta, id appreciate any replies
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    Hi, please help me

    My name is Ash and I got my first car a few months back, Its a Ford Fiesta flight 1.3 2001 and I would like to do some modifications but not so much that I look like a complete tool. So far I have bought a new Air cone filter, some xenon main beam headlight bulbs and also tinted my tail lights...

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