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    Sway bars

    Hi all just wondering where is the best place to get H&R front and rear sway bars for my Golf R32 MKV ? National Aus or International ,any help. Cheers Guys
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    Golf R32 turbo

    Wow, thanks for the friendly replys guys.And all the welcomes much appreciated! I know its damn quick (R32) DAVALAV ,but you see there is a little kid in me that always wants to go faster ,Im sure all of you know what i mean! is it a good idea to mod it or should i just leave it std? I have a...
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    Golf R32 turbo

    Hi can anyone tell me if you can turbo or supercharge a MK5 Golf R32 ,And where in Sydney can i have it done with a workshop that is specialised in Turbos or SChargers for Vw Thanks Heaps

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