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    bang, crash and wallop!

    too true
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    bang, crash and wallop!

    just be thankful you hadn't bought it off him yet! Glad to see you can laugh about it though
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    Latest MG Pictures

    looks sweet bud, well impressed
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    Taking the car of the road for a while

    If your car tax runs out whilst it's off road don't forget to get a SORN
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    Pulled over by the police

    I've only been pulled twice so far: 1st 'cause I was leaving a bar at 11pm (I worked there) and they were having a crackdown on drink drivers, so I wasn't bothered 2nd 'cause I only had 1 out of 3 rear brake lights working, he just told me to get it fixed ASAP
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    Learners on Motorways

    Is it not to do with people assuming it's safer in the middle lane? As in there's a bigger margin for error? Still does my nut in though
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    How many lessons to learn to drive

    had about 15 'proper' lessons, but i failed my test first time, totally my fault. I wasn't thinking straight, got onto a dual-carriageway and assumed 70 mph speed limit. it was 50 mph. Quite a few of my friends did the same thing :s
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    S/he clearly knew exactly what s/he was doing. How no-one crashed I have no idea
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    Learners on Motorways

    I don't think it really matters, after all, learners are allowed to drive on dual carriageways (with supervision, of course) and motorways are, essentially, just dual carriageways with an extra lane. I never had a problem with driving on motorways after I passed my test
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    Do you wave?

    Nah don't really bother, fabia's are common as muck so there's no point
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    Cheap car insurance with a catch

    Fair point, I see where you're coming from now :sad2:
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    Cheap car insurance with a catch

    I only mean that it's a good idea for the first couple of years, once the premiums plateau then it's not necessary anymore
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    Cheap car insurance with a catch

    I think it's a great idea! I only passed my test a couple of years ago and 'cause I'm young, therefore, I'm a bad driver, which I'm not. For my first year, on a 1L 1999 Nissan Micra I paid about £3000 for a years insurance!! Anything that will help young, genuinely good drivers lower their...
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    Top Gear 05/02/12

    haha my bad!! :toung:
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    A3 workhorse

    Try taking out all the stuff you don't need. It'll speed up you're acceleration and increase MPG so it's win/win!! :D:D
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    Your driving weakspots

    When on long motorway drives I tend to zone out and just go into automatic mode. Kinda worries me sometimes 'cause I can go for half an hour without concentrating at all! :blink:
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    Hello! :)

    A big hello and welcome to TC
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!!
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    Top Gear 05/02/12

    It wasn't bad, but wasn't one of the best either Still reckon NASCAR's just turning left though :lol::P
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    Hello all :)

    You've come to the right place! If you have any queries just post a thread and someone'll be able to answer it
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    Be careful out there in the ICE

    OG's being witty, ICE stands for In Car Entertainment :P
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    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the forum!!
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    Hi everyone

    Glad you've joined us! But remember one thing... once you're here, you can never leave!!!
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    What's the worst car you've ever owned and why?

    :amazed: sounds like a good outcome from a bad situation :)
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    What's the worst car you've ever owned and why?

    Any specific reason? :confused:
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    improving your driving skills

    I was going to do that but when i worked it out, the scheme was actually going to cost more money than it would knock-off my insurance :confused: so I didn't bother!
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    Fuel prices in your area

    £128.9 for run-of-the-mill unleaded, I think £135.9 for diesel
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    Welcome to TorqueCars, if you've got any questions feel free to ask, someone'll have t'answer! :)
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    What's the worst car you've ever owned and why?

    For me it's the Nissan Micra 1.0 T reg. I realise that i don't have a huge car history...actually it's just the micra and my current fabia :blink: The gearbox on the micra was awful, if you ever went for 3rd you had to cross your fingers and hope for t'best! So how about you??
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    If petrol reached £3 litre

    at £3 a litre I think I'd just get something for weekends and walk/cycle the rest of the time. Plus roads would be a lot emptier 'cause it would just be the enthusiasts like us that would have cars :bigsmile::bigsmile:
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    Ever road killed anything?

    I hit a hare once going about 60mph on a bypass near my house, little f****r cracked my bumper
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    newbie Focus mk2 2.0 tdci - HELLO

    Nice to meet you tiago, this site (and members) is full of top-drawer info and tips. I'm sure you'll love it!
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    Do you enjoy cleaning your car

    Voted no for the simple reason that it'll be just as mucky in 2 days time and I'm reeeaaallllyyyy lazy :P
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    Most powerful car you've driven

    Formula Forward on an experience day at my local circuit (Croft)... 130bhp weighing in at 420kg. Felt awesome!!!
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    Glossary of tuning terms

    It may sound simple, but what's OEM? :blink: I've seen it round loads and am none-the-wiser
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    Finally some pic's of my car

    How about enthusiastic :p
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    Finally some pic's of my car

    T9 you are spot on, the logical decision is to trade up at some point (when I have funds :annoyed: ) for something with more potential, but I want it now!! Haha
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    Finally some pic's of my car

    Good plan! Is it possible to re-badge at a later date?
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    Finally some pic's of my car

    Was thinking about de-badging it, don't really wanna spend too much on it as I'm gonna save for a fiery-er model...this one's only the 1.2

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