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    What is your BHP

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    Best car for drift?

    Nissan silvia or Toyota Mr2!!!
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    Sports cat

    Why not put a stock cat with flanges ant after emission test remove it and put one pipe ;-)
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    MX-5 NC v S2000, which is the better tuning project base ??

    Hi, The original performs of this car are well, on track or street, good braking, acceleration, grip, changing the engine changes the weights so you may compromise the seal and the behavior in a brake, one light and powerful engine is the RX7 TT, I can say that if you put one turbo you are over...
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    HKS Exhausts

    I need a lighter custom exhaust without y pipe and with a single muffler(my car is too heavy I take off all extra weight). So I'll fit on my car a larger straight tube without cat.
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    HKS Exhausts

    For me, HKS is one of the best, but I prefer a custom exhaust and less commercial.
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    Which cars

    What about a 3000gt! :-D
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    MX-5 NC v S2000, which is the better tuning project base ??

    S2000 is a nice car. I have driven one modified with a turbo some time ago. Result: It's a $very funny toy.
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    Increasing HP on a 1 Liter Engine

    Hi Sleepers, objectively this engine can not develop much power, but putting a turbo cost much more than putting a supercharged. I think they may increase 20 or more bhp without distorting too much the original configuration, then all depend how deep are his pocket. I'm not a mechanic and I...
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    Using your power

    I usually save it for the weekend or when someone does "the smart" in the street
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    Increasing HP on a 1 Liter Engine

    Can you fit a supercharger. it's the most economical and modular solution, if you want more power you need forged piston but with low pressure you can use your "stock" engine. For this choice you must fit a piggy backing ecu for A/F ratio And if you want you can go back to the original...
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    built non turbo 95 eclipse with 150 shot of nos

    If you want more power put more fuel and air <=> bigger injector and turbo and a new mappable ECU!
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    GTO Chip?

    Only '99 GTO TT can be remapped! You can use a piggy backing ecu or new stand alone ecu depends how many HP do you want and how many changes you want to do in the future.
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    How to increase bhp

    Hi, intake air filter (H&R fpik or similar) new exhaust bigger injector (750cc) Supra fuel pump new programmable ECU for new injector big turbos (15g) boost controller new A/F management FMIC forged piston ... ... ... and a lot of money!
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    gto oil

    Hi, on my 3000GT TT, I use only Castrol EDGE SPORT 0W-40 and OEM oil filter.
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    Hi All!!!

    Hello, I'm Paolo, I'm from Italy and I live in a little town in the province of Milano, Italy. I've a '96 3000GT Twin Turbo EU Version (320HP) Ciao a tutti, Paolo.

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