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    Favorit 1.3 to 1.8 engine conversion

    u wont be able to use skoda gearbox get engine out of 1600 felica it will fit with skoda box u will need wiring loom front pipe and some other parts i have made this swap make sure to get plate between engine and gearbox
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    What is the best tyre manufacturer?

    thanks waynn use hankook on both road and rally cars sub handles well as toyota gt4 and skoda on these tyres
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    What is the best tyre manufacturer?

    why is hankook not on list i have found them very good wet or dry
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    new to forum

    thanks for welcome lads why the skoda been rallying skodas for years with good results class win on coi rally and other events includeing 3rd in ni championship so will stay with skoda but finding some parts hard to find any help would be greet
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    new to forum

    hi there my name is wesley i am from ni i am buildlng a 1400 fabia for rallying any help reguards parts would be great and tuning

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