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    Squealing Speakers??

    Ok so i moved the earth point.. made sure contact was fine good enough and still the squeal carries on. The squeal does change pitch when i rev the engine I do have a sound file but how can i upload it??
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    Squealing Speakers??

    Interesting... Well tomorrow i will be checking the earth & speaker locations and i will let you know how i get on. If a .wav file appears here then you know nothing worked
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    Squealing Speakers??

    Re: Squeeling Speakers?? The earth cable is about 2ft ish.. Yes its a constant pitch squeal, except for when i switch the engine off but then theres a deep humming sound. I havent tried reving the engine so not sure if the pitch or volume changes. I really dont have a clue what this could...
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    Squealing Speakers??

    Re: Squeeling Speakers?? No, The rca leads are run down the left side, power down the right. I suppose they are near each other when they get into the boot and run into the amp but that shouldnt make too much interference
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    Squealing Speakers??

    Ok i need a little help. I did have 2 x 1000W Subs in my boots, nicely installed, all working fine and decided to change to change the Subs for Front speakers so got rid of them and now have Front speakers and amps to suit. I used the wiring that i used for my subs which was working fine...
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    Your car of choice in games

    My favourite is normally little hot hatches and make them as fast as possible and anything that i can drift. Not played a proper driving game in a while but that will change as soon as i get my hands on GT5.... the collectors edition too :)
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    Corner cutters

    I have a corner just off my street, i always go that way to work and everytime i get near it i see someone speeding round it cutting the corner, damn morons need to look at the lines on the road... or hopefully a truck will be coming the other way one day and they'l learn
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    What is your redline rev limit

    mine starts to lose power at 5800
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    Electric Mirrors...Help!

    Just seen a friend of a friends M3 Mirrors and your spot on, cant see much and they dont really look like i thought they would seeing pics of them online.... Now i wonder, what can i spend my money on instead???
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    Electric Mirrors...Help!

    I have a haynes manual and i can see wiring diagrams... god knows what they mean lol
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    Electric Mirrors...Help!

    Ok so i want to replace my standard mirrors for some M3 or similar mirrors... but i'm not sure if mine are 3 or 4 wire?? Anybody got any ideas I have a 2003 Peugeot 307 and this is a pic of the cables coming from the mirror... Theres 6 and i dont have a clue about this stuff, please help
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    ASC audios Mazda RX7

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    debadging the bonnet

    weld up as much as possible then filler, if you just use filler it could crack or sink
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    Injuries from car engines

    I do exactly the same lol never remember whats next to my head then BANG!
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    Exhausts single double or quad

    Ive always liked twin exhaust.. one either side just like my car now
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    Car shunted at 60mph by tanker

    Thats crazy :amazed::amazed:
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    Ferrari World!

    Looks like an amazing structure and built in so little time, i would like to visit it but ive got more important things to do e.g save up for mods on my car
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    Hazard Perception

    I did my test a few years ago and was worrying too much about it. I used the CD your talking about and got through it no problem. I think i got 3-4 marks off perfect. The CD was pretty much the same as the test
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    Video: My W8 - Exhaust Sound :)

    beautiful noise! would love to hear that overtaking me lol
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    my 307

    Just wana ask you guys. plastic welding my bumper to fill in the gap.. are there any other ways i could do this? fiberglass?
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    Other drivers that make you laugh

    Love seeing people singing lol i cant help but laugh. Also i wave to people that i dont know in other cars to see if they wave back.. youd be suprised how many people wave back lol
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    TORQUECAR Stickers Now Available

    so do i send you the money then you ask what colour i want via e-mail?
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    my 307

    Cheers for the advice, i'l let you know what i decide to do.. probably the plastic welding but im known to change my mind all the time. Just a shot of the lights lit up
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    my 307

    Yeh im either gona fill in the grille upto the bonnet or buy a new bumper... Any of you guys who have modified body parts got any tips on how to? What to use?
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    Best headlight style

    new Alfa's easily although i do like the look of angel eyes maybe the 2 combined.....
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    my 307

    not been here for a while so a few updates. i got new wheels Also got some black angel eyes a few more lights will be added soon or maybe get it lowered... im not sure yet. Rocketman i got an SMD LED kit for the speedo from the following...
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    Can you find your car???

    Found mine. Its the 307 in the car park, totally standard so must have been a while ago. The greenish corsa next to it is my bros
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    Loggin in on Xmas Day - Explain yourself :-)

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Best dashboard dial colours

    cheers tn69 oooh sidewinders lol take out those pesky speed cameras
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    Best dashboard dial colours

    I love white dials altho i cant find any for my Pug so i have black dials and its illuminated blue
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    What interior mods have you done

    Nice interior! I am doing something similar with mine, sprayed parts blue, blue mats, blue LEDs and it looks pretty sweet!
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    Which cd makes you drive like a nutterbasta

    how about Everyday Combat - Lost Prophets Have a listen
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    What colour cars have you owned?

    red white silver not old enough to have as many as u guys :toung:
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    What interior mods have you done

    interior parts sprayed blue, interior lights lamps changed for blue leds, black/blue mats
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    How much night driving do you do

    night driving is much better, less noise so you can hear your engine more(unless u have a big one then theres no problem lol), no slow drivers sitting in front of you doing 20mph! Basically clear roads for a nice drive!
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    Custom Induction Kits

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has custom built there own induction kit and if so, do you think it was better than anything out there?? If you havent what do you think? would it be a good idea or not? any tips?
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    Shortest time you've ever owned a car

    1st car, rover metro given to me by my dad, i took it out for a drive, 10mins into it n everything went wrong, black smoke out the back end, brakes starting to fail, handbrake cable snapped so i decided to drive it to the scrap yard, i found out that it had killed itself... so it went to car...
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    Taking your car to a safari park

    Hell no!
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    cant find any where


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