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    2.3 millenia upgrades

    Does anyone have any tips,tricks to upgrade the miller cycle engine? Any help would be appreciated .
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    Millenia s

    Am I the only one with a milly?
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    Don't forget valve cover gaskets. They are known to leak causing the plugs to get wet and it will miss.
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    tips on getting more hp

    Search LKQ they will have what u need.
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    Twin charging?

    Anyone ever do this to a supercharged millenia? Are there exhaust manifolds available?
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    Eunos misfire around 2000 rpm

    The valve cover gaskets are known to leak around plugs.
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    Millenia s

    Hi all, my name is Diego. I have a 99 millenia s. I'm not finding many mods for it, so I'm leaning towards twinchargeing it. Any info would be great.

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