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    Project car, 17 years old, for learning and stuff... Help, tips please!!

    I know its too late now but my first piece of advice would be an insurance quote for the modified vehicle as insurance companies hate mods.
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    Hi I am a classic car nut. I’ve always wanted a corniche convertible with a turbo. I don’t know whether to chop the mulsanne turbo or turbocharge a corniche convertible. I think chopping the mulsanne would be cheaper.
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    Transplanting everything from a big car to a hatchback

    I would say the main thing is squeezing everything into a smaller engine bay. I remember the MG Metro 6R4. 3 litre V6 into a mini hatchback. Stunning performance!!!
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    Nissan 350z,roadster, kabrio,2006g

    Hi Vlad Nice car. Have you looked at the special editions with their upgrades for extra power like the GT-S supercharged? You could maybe supercharge instead of turbo and follow what Nissan did. Or the Track special which upgrades engine components for more power. Or combine both!!!
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    Adding a turbo

    Maybe trade it in for an M5
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    getting better mpg from Daimler straight 6

    What about a fuel additive ?

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