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    What car manufacturer has made the most best cars?

    certainly FORD is the BEST:D
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    alternator failure ford ikon

    ;)hi my ford ikon head lights dimmed,horn indicator lights stopped working and ford people towed the car to searched new alternator and my car has become young and strong.thank you ford
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    head lights

    hi my car ford ikon 1.3 petrol .while driving in the night with head lights on battery became flat after 30 stopped.road side help gave jump start.after one hour engine idle running battery day same thing happened in the soon as my head lights started dimming i...
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    engine failure smoke burning smell

    Hi By the grace of GOD the problems are solved.At FORD WORKSHOP SANATHNAGAR HYDERABAD they retuned my car engine fitted new starter motor and my car is back to life and roaring.Pick up has increased.I hope it will run more kms per litre petrol.HATS OFF TO FORD
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    Whats the best way to ruin an engine

    great post
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    Restoring older cars lost power

    WELL said. Cars/Parts are designed to break after certain periods
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    engine failure smoke burning smell

    Hi My FORD IKON 1,3 EXI Petrol engine stopped. Smoke came and burning smell. At ford garage they opened the engine.Lubrication oil and coolant mixed up.Starter motor is burnt out.Now they are tuning cylinder heads.Did any of you had such experience?My car has done 51000 KMS

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