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    Audi S2 Coupe Quattro 610hp. Winter 2013. Video

    Engine specs: 2.2L 5-cilinder 20V engine Holset HX40 Wiseco H-beam forged rods Wiseco forged pistons Modifed Cilinder Head Wagner Tuning intake system (intake manifold, piping kit, front mount intercooler) Custom exhaust manifold Bosch 040 fuel pump in the tank and 2x main fuel pump Bosch 044...
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    Hello from Russia!

    A little wide body will be necessary because Track Fiat / Lancia little more than a Lada 2108. I do not have the pictures, because I photograph it.
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    Hello from Russia!

    Check out our new project - Lada Samara 2108 4WD Turbo: Transmission Fiat / Lancia 4WD, engine Lada 110 1.6 16v Turbo 250hp +
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    Hello from Russia!

    The engine of the Lada 2112 (front-wheel drive, transverse-mounted engine, 1.5 16v 93hp on stock). We deployed the engine longitudinally and connected with the gearbox from 2101. What is most interesting - the engine uses the default pistons 21213 Niva (4x4 SUV), which, after some refinement...
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    Hello from Russia!

    The first step in tuning we usually start with a Lada. Me and my friends built Lada 2101 with 1.6 16v engine. With TD05-16HR turbine from Evo 9 and other modifications we got 435hp at 2.2 bar boost.
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    Audi S2 Coupe Quattro 610hp. Winter 2013. Video
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    Audi S2 Coupe Quattro 610hp. Winter 2013. Video

    Audi S2 Coupe Quattro 610hp BachovMotorsport by Dmitry "Mitiok" Buhterev ( ) in the winter season 2013.
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    Fiat seciento 1.1 engine swap options

    In Russia, we replaced the 1.1 engine on the engine Lada 2112 1.6 16th century. 92 hp standard and 160 hp after some modifications, such as replacing camshafts, forged pistons, modified cylinder head, new intake and exhaust system.
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    Street legal 33gtr runs 8.82 at the pod

    This is quite in the style of Skyline GTR R33 ;)
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    6 second standing quarter with 200mph+ from a Nissan

    What's in this car from the Nissan 350Z, but the name?
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    Driftng Video

    It is always interesting to observe driftcars, not typical for this kind of drifting.
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    Best car for drift?

    BMW E30/E36 and BMW V8 engine (NA or compressed)
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    Best Audi ever made

    Audi Quattro Sport S1 and Audi S2
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    Hello from Russia!

    Thank you for your kind welcome, guys!
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    Hello from Russia!

    Hello everyone!My name is Sergey, I'm from Russia. In my spare time I organize a winter rally sprints to members on the car from Lada to Evolution X or Audi C2. Just like modifying our cars and help friends.

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